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January 31, 2009, 10:41 pm
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today was so much fun.
although i was up way too early, it allowed me to get a good start on my day. i watched some news on the tv as well as some junk tv to give my brain time to shut off. i like getting up really early, i’ve realized. its something about the morning that makes every day feel right. i only wish i could fight the urge to go to sleep half the time.
i was just hanging out, then i decided to go to japantown, where emma and i were going to meet up. i went and saw an old friend at the new sanrio that opened today. i bought a new cell phone charm and a pen, both of which are super cute. i ended up meeting emma after awhile and we preceded to shop our brains out. i think i’m on cute overload for the time being. but our theme throughout the day was mushrooms. aren’t they just awesome when they’re all red and white spotted and cartoon-y? i don’t think there is anything better.
we ate a good warm lunch that made me feel super calm and comfortable. i don’t know what it was, it might have been the temperature. but the tea was really good and i liked my rice a lot.
i’ve been worried about someone a lot lately, and i’ve been feeling insecure about it, so i was finally able to let those thoughts go for awhile today and let them out. i hate feeling like i can’t help someone that i truly care about get out of a potentially controlling relationship. its all so complicated, but i let those things go with my food and relaxed a little bit more.
i almost bought the marc by marc lookbook at the japanese bookstore, cause it came with a free big letter navy tote. i’m kind of regretting not buying one, since it was so cute and only $20. the lookbook could provide hours of entertainment alone.
after taking the rest day off after to chill with emma some more, i realized also how close i am to graduating and how i’m in for a huge change. i’m super determined that i can make it in the industry, and so can she, but who’s to say what’s certain? the next few years will be extremely interesting and we have no idea what is in store for us. its a bit of an unsettling, but necessary, thought.
god, glasvegas is so sad.
but today was good i’m so glad i have really good friends that i love to spend endless time with. its the best feeling in the world — its way more then a magazine layout could ever hope to portray. i just hope i don’t see one of the closest ones slip away.

off on the right foot friday
January 30, 2009, 10:46 am
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things that i am loving/talking about/needing to list at the moment:
–first of all, the lineup for coachella is amazing. i want to go this year really badly — i want to get a group of people together to go. its totally do-able and we’ll be exhausted but it will totally be worth it. who’s with me?!
–i bought this shirt a couple of nights ago and i’m in LOVE. i cannot wait until it gets here. i’m trying not to tell too many people cause i know its that amazing. print liberation, i love you.
–i really want this tote or this t-shirt. i love the print.
–i had one of my kids write about it in the first issue, but i’m currently loving the castro theatre more then normal. i think i’m going to one of the last film noir showings this weekend with doug [and hopefully emma and morgaaaan] and i can’t wait!
–i just realized i still haven’t ordered this. what the fuck!
–i’m realizing i’m on a tshirt kick right now. i really need more skirts though.
–i’ve gotten into packing my lunch again, and i’m really glad. its allowed me to track what i’m eating but also control my portions, since most of my bento cases are small.

i’m also thinking of getting a zipcar membership, or finding someone to split it with. i really just want to drive sometimes.

three clicks.
January 29, 2009, 9:49 pm
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ike’s place.
January 29, 2009, 9:43 pm
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if you live in san francisco, drop what you’re doing. RIGHT NOW. and click here.
then, make some plans tomorrow or this weekend involving this sandwich shop.
i will tell you right now that it is not for the faint of heart — only those who aspire to take anything above and beyond, one toke over the line or to the next level will love this place. ike is amazingly nice and he will treat you well — there are a lot of choices, so the website will help you decide what you are feeling. he can help you out with something if you decide to change your mind last minute, as there are about 150 combos on the menu.img_2537-pola1
i made one of my writer’s review it in this week’s issue of the paper, but the other day i needed an afternoon off so i had to drop by and see it for myself.
i ended up deciding on the “change” sandwich last minute. it was a hasty decision that i wouldn’t have made with a conscious mind, but i was so ravenous by the time i showed up that i would have eaten two pieces of beef jerky between some stale white bread.
my sandwich was the perfect texture and taste — great balance between veggies and meat. the one thing that was a little much was the bbq sauce though. i’m sure they have customers that love them for it, but it was just a bit too messy for me.
anyway, spend this weekend in the castro — do some shopping, some laying out in the sun and GO TO IKES. you won’t be sorry. [emma, lets go!]

January 29, 2009, 9:32 pm
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finally, i can update. i have had a great amount of fun, but the last week has also been a lot of work.

my bro with his bff.

my bro with his bff.

the weekend with aaron was super fun — we ate a lot, we hung out and drank together, we shopped and walked around the city. he met some of my closest friends finally, which was super awesome. they made him feel welcome and he loved sf so much that he is actually considering moving here! he said he will be up at the beginning of june right after his birthday. it will be perfect since it will be super sunny — it rained all weekend when he was here and that was a bit of a buzzkill, but we still had fun! my friends can’t wait until he comes back.
and as much as i had fun all weekend, i started school bright and early on monday morning. i spent 13 HOURS at school on monday. 13! it was insane. and i was one of the more organized editors. but things are shaping up quite nicely and i’m super stoked about manning the page. the first issue is going to kind of suck, but i’m pretty sure that all the future issues are going to be on point and really awesome. i will try to post the pages if i can — the designer for the paper, erika, is working really hard to make them look amazing.
other than that, school is looking like just another semester. my homework doesn’t seem too hard, my teachers seem like they’re trying to be intimidating in all the wrong kinds of ways and i’m already bored. but i only spent $80 on books this semester [that’s such a record, its ridiculous], so not a lot of reading is always good.
i’m finally having a chill night after a hectic week — being up at 6am and then going to bed after 1 every night for 5 nights is not exactly heaven. i can’t sleep in tomorrow, either — i want to make breakfast, go to the gym, go around the city, write people and catch up on life after i’ve been living in a hole for a week. i think fridays are going to be reserved strictly for getting inspired. i mean, you wanna be inspired always, don’t you? DON’T YOU?
also, i’m stoked on literary journalism.
desiree is awesome!

desiree is awesome!

jason and my bro were totally bromancin'.

jason and my bro were totally bromancin'.

January 28, 2009, 12:27 am
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the past week has been nuts. fun, but nuts.
expect a more detailed update tomorrow. but for the moment, i think cleaning my room and sleep are an order.
i hope everyone is starting out with a great week — i have a feeling its going to be a good one.

January 22, 2009, 7:49 pm
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today has been infinitely better. i’m updating right before i pick up my brother at the airport — yay! — and its going to be a weekend of madness. i still have so much work to do, but i’m not going to let it get in the way of my last days of freedom. i’m kind of sad that i’m not going to be able to go out with my friend daniella for drinks tonight on her birthday [shout out, woo!], since she’s going to some north beach haunts that i love. nonetheless, i am super excited that my bro is almost here!



i forgot to mention yesterday that i had the gnarliest chilaquiles ever with stuart. we went to this diner on mission that was super dodgy from the outside, but when we got inside, it was one of the cleanest places i’ve been to in the mission. they actually had toilet seat covers in the bathroom! i was impressed. i’ll definitely go back and give you guys for some more deets — dodgy but awesome diners are amazing. also, all of that food [which you can’t tell by the polaroid, but it was such a HUGE plate] only cost $5.95! insane!
i spent most of the day in one of my favorite cafe’s in the city with daniella, doing crazy work for the paper. i’m still a little scared as far as what is going to happen, since i’m not satisfied with a majority of the writers and i haven’t finished all of the content. i want this to be the best it can possibly be, but i’m a perfectionist. it will always be the death of me. so hopefully the first issue won’t be totally horrid.
i’m totally in love with everything upper playground — i try not to go by there too often because i always get the need to spend money. i’m mad cause i don’t have that much cash right now, but their 50% off sale is still going on on the website, so i’m definitely going to order this, this and this before the sale is up. i called and they said that the sale ended sunday, but bah! i will overcome!
i also have been seriously regretting all of the time i seem to have wasted over break. i didn’t read the books all the books that i got for christmas, i didn’t do nearly as much writing or art as i had wanted and i haven’t really gotten into the swing with taking pictures with my newly adapted 35mm holga. but, i did have fun and seemed to have spent way too much money. haha. isn’t that the case with everything though?