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just another monday.
January 5, 2009, 9:59 pm
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today was really ridiculous. i woke up, tooled around on google reader for a couple hours [lately my newest obsession!] and watched anthony bourdain forever. made a sandwich and then went out and picked up a few things for some upcoming events i’m attending. i’m spending money like its going out a style — its definitely a problem, but you can’t tell me twice. i finally also picked up this in black. these seriously are the best pens ever! another one of my favorites.

outfit of the day!

outfit of the day!

this is h&m, target and american apparel at one of their best moments. i’m also in love with these glasses that i picked up while in san diego randomly — the basic wayfarer shape didn’t work for me for awhile, but these are a little bigger and look perfect on my face. i don’t know what it is about big lenses, but i need them for my face. stuff that’s too small just looks off! that cardigan has also not come off since the day after christmas, basically — i own so many but cling to so few!
i found an awesome afternoon tea place that would be great to go to with some friends, even if it is in ghihardelli square. its just so pink! but they did have alice and wonderland tea ware, so i may have to forgive them. its on my to-do list before i head back to school.

delicious, ridiculous goodness.

delicious, ridiculous goodness.

today is my squeeze’s and i’s two month anniversary, which normally wouldn’t be a big deal to me, but since i am the first lady to have the privilege of him calling his girlfriend, i figured i would drop by with a little something. After the unloading of a blue rose, a cute card and a few kisses, kayla and i headed out for a much overdue visit to the cheesecake factory. as you can tell by the table, we made up for it. although we are both appreciators of fine cuisine, cheap eats, homemade goodies and local lore, the cheesecake factory has always been a cool place to sit and enjoy a salad while chain smoking over union square. its our version of ladies do lunch — only today, there were no cigarettes due to non-patio seating [it was raining and we sat inside for the first time, which sucked!] and we had dinner instead. regardless, its one of the best outings i’ve had in awhile.
and oh yeah, its official — you’re looking at the editor of the new SFSU city page! hurrah!

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