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off on the right foot friday!
January 16, 2009, 2:08 pm
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things that i am loving/talking about/needing to list at the moment:

shawerma! its basically a great mediterranean wrap with beef, lamb, hummus, tahini sauce, tomatoes, parsley and onions all wrapped in this amazing flat bread. and the hot sauce paste they put on it is TO DIE FOR. seriously, if you’re in the city, go to truly mediterranean. it looks a little dodgy but it was probably one of the yummiest things i’ve had in ages.
my digital camera. its just a point and shoot, canon powershot, and i didn’t realize its potential until last night. after being out with stuart and fumbling with my camera over and over, i realized that i’ve been lazy and that i don’t really know how to work it, despite the fact it has all manual settings. crazy right? so one of my goals before i go back to school is to get my digital photography back in the biz.
i miss this show and its probably one of the best episodes i’ve ever seen. there are more links on youtube as well. this is probably what i’m going to be doing all afternoon.
sit ups! i’ve been doing over 100 per day and i’ve lost an inch over the past couple of weeks. its slow progress, but when you think about it, half an hour of situps and crunches isn’t too big of a commitment. i’m hooked!
— i will probably be here on saturday night. i’m telling everyone right now — get there early!
i’m thinking about getting one of these. am i crazy, just like the gav, in thinking these are a good idea? i think its just fun, being a card carrying member of sf. god, i’m such a schmuck.
–because of a lawsuit filed against department store cosmetic counters, they are being forced to give away around $175 MILLION DOLLARS IN FREE COSMETICS. though some have been saying you need to sign up ahead of time or that you need to have bought something in the time period listed, its bullshit! just show up and get your free shit! who wants to come with me? emma? kayla? lets get free stuff!
–and finally, i round out with this. so good.

happy friday everyone! i hope i helped all of you start your weekend off right.

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