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January 16, 2009, 1:51 pm
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again, sorry i haven’t updated! i’ve been doing so many things at once and trying to get all these things together that i’m not really sure where to begin with what i have to say. it seems like all the time i spend on my computer, i’m trying to catch up on my google reader, i’m emailing writers back or i’m transferring money to my account because i’ve been spending way too much of it lately! haha. anyway, i can give you a rundown of the past few days…

  • monday — was ridiculously hot by san francisco standards. sat through a meeting with the editor-in-chief, the managing editor and my page designer. was a good few hours long, but definitely what i needed. registered for the rest of my classes. went out for jeremy’s birthday — as typical, got in a fight and everyone left the bar. bought him his first cosmo and got myself my first shawerma. YUM.
  • tuesday –had a leisurely breakfast with alexis, la boulange’s granola and fruit bowl is amazing. went grocery shopping, spent the afternoon in japantown. doug took me to little star for dinner — tried the thin crust, and it was just as yummy as the deep dish. i love you little star! then we hit up clothes contact and i got a sweet waistbelt for kayla’s birthday and we made a trip to good vibrations, which is always informational and entertaining…
  • wednesday — went downtown with kayla EARLY so she could spend her gift card at urban outfitters. of course, the one day we actually get up, they’re doing inventory until 12pm. one free coffee with doug and lots of sunshine later, we decided to hit up dottie’s true blue. i had never been there before, since the line is always a deterrent. it was delicious [i had the blue cheese, bacon and veggie scramble with HOMEMADE wheat toast and potatoes.], and the people were super nice [kayla ordered lunch 30 minutes early but they made it for her anyway.] its super tiny and great, but not worth a two hour wait. we went back to urban and they changed their sign to 1pm, so we flipped them off and left, since kayla was a little under the weather. for some reason, my day took a downturn here, but i ended up going shopping with kelly and doug in haight, which left me with two awesome scores: a great new pair of sunglasses and a classic mickey mouse pullover that i had been looking forever for. [and it was only $8!] after saying hi to matt at comix experience, we had dinner at herbivore. i ordered their veggie shawerma and though it had loads of ingredients, was not impressed. i will stick with truly mediterranean!
  • thursday — went to the gym in the morning and sweat my brains out. met up with doug for some fro yo and a little hangout. met with one my writers and discussed the semester ahead of us. he’s worked for the weekly before and seems to be really driven about what he wants to do so i’m really stoked on it. he listens to all the music i don’t [grindcore, black metal, et al], so he’s going to help me out with show reviews and the calendar, which will be perfect! after, i dropped off a roll at photoworks [which i will pick up today!] and went to needles and pens. met up with stuart and saw the devil makes three at amoeba in berkeley. their show was really great — the perfect kind of punky, upbeat bluegrass i like. they will be playing the next two nights at the independent, so check out some great local music! but, let me just say, berkeley pwned us. we couldn’t find one dive bar in one square mile. it was sad. we even bumped into one of my friends, jack, and still to no avail. we ended up having a good night in the city. there should be a post soon here, so check out all the deets.

phew. what a week! i know its going to get even busier when school starts, so hopefully i can keep up with it all. :]

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