something to look forward to.

mission accomplished.
January 19, 2009, 11:19 am
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finally got some green last night and i’m so stoked. i was so relieved to smoke, despite the fact that my throat was killing me. i’m just super happy that i have some so i can get in some relaxation time before my hectic semester starts. i know i’m not going to be able to smoke at all if i want to stay on top of my game, so i’m hoping i can get it out of my system and then wait until summer.

my show buddy!

my show buddy!

its been so nice out lately and i’ve been spending my days inside, blogging and cleaning and doing nothing, which sucks. everyone i know is either sleeping or at work, so i don’t really have anything to do. i could go do things by myself, but what’s the use in that? errands are done better with other people.
i got tickets to les savy fav yesterday! i’m so stoked for noise pop this year cause i actually have a show buddy to go with. i have to try and call and get the paper to get in, since i don’t know how accepting they’re going to be with our little press passes. i’m sure if they hear its a college newspaper and that the circulation is in the double thousands, they’ll at least give us a photo pass. i’m hoping. gah. wish me luck!

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