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January 22, 2009, 7:49 pm
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today has been infinitely better. i’m updating right before i pick up my brother at the airport — yay! — and its going to be a weekend of madness. i still have so much work to do, but i’m not going to let it get in the way of my last days of freedom. i’m kind of sad that i’m not going to be able to go out with my friend daniella for drinks tonight on her birthday [shout out, woo!], since she’s going to some north beach haunts that i love. nonetheless, i am super excited that my bro is almost here!



i forgot to mention yesterday that i had the gnarliest chilaquiles ever with stuart. we went to this diner on mission that was super dodgy from the outside, but when we got inside, it was one of the cleanest places i’ve been to in the mission. they actually had toilet seat covers in the bathroom! i was impressed. i’ll definitely go back and give you guys for some more deets — dodgy but awesome diners are amazing. also, all of that food [which you can’t tell by the polaroid, but it was such a HUGE plate] only cost $5.95! insane!
i spent most of the day in one of my favorite cafe’s in the city with daniella, doing crazy work for the paper. i’m still a little scared as far as what is going to happen, since i’m not satisfied with a majority of the writers and i haven’t finished all of the content. i want this to be the best it can possibly be, but i’m a perfectionist. it will always be the death of me. so hopefully the first issue won’t be totally horrid.
i’m totally in love with everything upper playground — i try not to go by there too often because i always get the need to spend money. i’m mad cause i don’t have that much cash right now, but their 50% off sale is still going on on the website, so i’m definitely going to order this, this and this before the sale is up. i called and they said that the sale ended sunday, but bah! i will overcome!
i also have been seriously regretting all of the time i seem to have wasted over break. i didn’t read the books all the books that i got for christmas, i didn’t do nearly as much writing or art as i had wanted and i haven’t really gotten into the swing with taking pictures with my newly adapted 35mm holga. but, i did have fun and seemed to have spent way too much money. haha. isn’t that the case with everything though?

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