something to look forward to.

post-issue 3.
February 11, 2009, 9:58 pm
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i went to battle and came back with an awesome page. i’m really stoked for this week’s issue and i’m hoping everyone else is, too. its amazing what kind of possibilities can happen when you get your work done ahead of time.
i was just trying to type out how i felt about things on my typewriter but i kept messing up. i’m still getting used to all the buttons and things that are very new to me. which it strange. cause its old.
regardless, i really want to start filling all my journals. i own and have so many for everything but they’re never full. always a quarter, or half. i even have some that are three-quarters full and that’s even more maddening.
i have about $160 in my bank account for the rest of the month. that should be fun.
i also think that the [x]press disease bag [aka the newsroom] totally exploded on me and i might be getting sick. i’m hoping to fight it off so i can go to some awesome bars on saturday.
i did my laundry for the first time yesterday at my laundromat and it felt strange, but really really good.
i’ve been in a bad sushi mood lately. [bad sushi = americanized sushi.]
more coherent and happy thoughts later. cause i love my life right now.

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