something to look forward to.

hello, again.
March 21, 2009, 9:47 pm
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after reading over my last few posts, i’ve realized how badly i’ve written and not cared about these posts. i will be copy editing and trying my best to ensure that what i write actually makes sense.
its spring break! i’m super stoked about the fact that i have no schedule. i love waking up and not knowing what is going to happen. the past couple days have been really chill and have involved me being home a lot, but i know it’ll get more exciting soon. its just the fact that looking for a place, being bogged down with work, having to pack up all your shit and not having any money are all pretty big factors in staying in. plus, my fucking insane roommate has been gone all week, and since i love this house, i’m trying to soak in every last minute of living here and being home alone. if she only knew that the real reason i’m trying to get out asap was her…
more to come. i’m starting to write for stuart’s blog more, but i think that i’ll be able to at least update for this week. haha.

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