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we are strong.
June 17, 2009, 4:16 pm
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updating from the doctors office…this is definitely a first! i just wanted to see how this wordpress application for the ipod really worked. it’s super user-friendly — i kind of love it.
i’m waiting for my tutn in a long line of ladies in this waiting room…it’s so nervewracking i can barely stand it.
yesterday, for the most part, was a gigantic overwhelming mess. i basically realized the rest of the summer is going to be spent working on shit for [x]press or stuart. a little disheartening, but i think if i manage my time properly, it will all be okay. i’m just really sick of micromanaging my life to a point like this. i just have a tedency to be owned by my schedule and not by owning it.
i’m also not drinking again until i lose 20 more lbs. it’ll be difficult, but i’ve gotten this far, and i really don’t want to fuck it up.
i think i’m in need of a makeup shopping spree and some fashion magazines…if i could just get out of this waiting room! xoxo.