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I’m alive.
June 29, 2009, 11:05 pm
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I’m sorry I failed you all into thinking that I could possibly keep this updated. After that last post, I ran into a bit of weirdness with my life and people in it, so i focused on that instead of running my mouth on my silly little blog. haha.
But things are okay now, and I’m getting things back on track. The best part of my day today? I went to a cafe and saw Wattstax for free. It was amazing. If you have a Netflix account or want something to rent one night, THIS IS IT. It’s fucking hilarious and the wardrobe changes are epic:
I’m still kind of trying to process this one cause I LOVE it so much.
I’m totally getting on the soundtrack for this, too. I feel like I could listen to it all day and never get sick of it.
I’m off to bed, loves, but I’ll be back with a real update, hopefully sometime tomorrow. I’m working on a summer mix as well as some new posts over at, so sit tight!