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week one: the september issue.
August 30, 2009, 9:45 pm
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as we’re heading into september [and as i’m trying to update this blog on a weekly basis], i thought i would make this post a little fashion related.

i’ve been creating a kind of lookbook for when i’m completely finished counting my calories, and i stumbled upon the most amazing designer the other day — kate towers. i swear, this girl has got skill. i think she was camping in my brain overnight and tried make sense of all the things i would ever want to look like and basically made it even more amazing then i thought possible. though i’m sure i will be spending tons of money on a new wardrobe and won’t have much room for huge expenditures, i am definitely getting at least one of her dresses.

i’ve been holding off on buying the september issue for some time, since i’m waiting to buy more books and pay for bills and the like. i’ve been flipping through it like mad at bookstores and newsstands, and everything looks promising and gorgeous. lots of ruffles, lots of hard edges and soft curves and most of all, tons of boots! magazines seem like such a frivolous expense but i love them so! i think it means i’m destined to work in one someday.
fifi lapin really excites me with every new thing that comes out. doesn’t this drawing of her in luella totally look like me!? gah, if only i could afford some luella…

same thing with gemma correll. i spy a card on there that would be perfect to give someone in my life. :] they’re both really popular right now in the way of illustration, and i hope both of them go far. i’m buying at least a print from each of them with my next check.
i find homework for all of these general education classes so frustrating. i need them to graduate, but i don’t need them in terms of what i’m studying for my degree. i suppose i should look at them as free opportunities to gain some pretty awesome knowledge, but i’m so tired and burned out from all the bullshit that s.f. state has put us through that i just want to finish with school. its hard to imagine that i’m finally getting out of here this semester.
by the way, the first issue of the paper is out! get your copy or read it online!
this weekend wasn’t too exciting — i could hear outside lands from my window a lot of the time, and it was a constant reminder of why i should have got my shit together this summer to somehow find a way to cover it. but, more or less, i’m really glad i didn’t pay the ticket price to go. a lot of my favorite bands were playing, but it was still way too expensive.
i spent most of last night trying to ward off a chode i know who, despite my belief, has somehow become enamored with me and felt that we needed to be together. he basically wouldn’t take no for an answer and i ended up staying up until 5 am, telling him 20 different ways of why it wouldn’t work. i always feel so awkward when men i’m not interested in are a little overzealous in their efforts. how do you turn them down? how do you not offend or demean? how can you explain to them that someone else is on your mind? i always wonder these things and, being pushed in a corner last night, i was forced to be completely honest. i don’t think i realize how razor sharp my tongue can be. although i agreed that we could be friends, i don’t anticipate hearing from him ever again. he took the news too hard AND even got especially offended when i started to explain what happened this summer. am i wrong to think its unfair to get involved with someone else when another person is on your mind? what do you think?
i’m into this band aloha at the moment. they’re actually from ohio and they’re super smart, great light post-rock. i recently started doing again after a three or four year hiatus and its actually kind of exciting…add me, won’t you?
that’s all for now. some copy just made its way to my desk, and i still have to write a response to two different mozart symphonies and read about tornadoes! oh, the life of excitement i lead. i’ll leave you with the trailer to the new documentary on anna wintour. i want to be the baus just like her when i grow up. that look at the very end when they tell her they didn’t shoot the corset is priceless.

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