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September 25, 2009, 10:02 pm
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i look like im having way too much fun.

i look like i'm having way too much fun.

finally some pictures have surfaced from the pub crawl! was hoping to get these out sooner, but i think this one is by far my favorite in the batch.

even though i look like a mess in this one, its only picture i have so far of ryan and i together. miller squared — we’re the double teaming duo.

after a crazy week, it has been nice to stay in and be a hermit for a couple of nights. i really am adoring [x]press lately and all the great work that the team has really been putting in, but i really need a break from school. i have the house to myself this weekend, which is a major plus because i don’t have any money. i’m making food for ryan and i tomorrow…at least i think. it will be nice because i haven’t been able to cook for anyone in sometime, nor make a full on meal. the menu is looking like: grilled mushroom, spinach and bleu cheese salad, potato, zucchini and green onion pancakes, my infamous gorgonzola raddichio ziti and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. the leftovers from this are going to be epic.
i’m currently eating one of my new favorite things that is really easy and diet friendly:

it seriously is the equivalent of making top ramen, and it only has 170 calories per package! its awesome. the flavors are delicious and they’re only $.69! you can definitely get sick of them but i’m loving them at the moment.
i’ve also become obsessed with mad men, just like everyone else. i’m hoping i can catch up soon — its all i have been wanting to watch lately. the style, the complex characters, the unexpected surprises…its all awesome! i find myself gravitating towards tv more and more, and i’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing…

how was your week, lovelies? hope you’re all out partying the stress away…i will be harboring my energy for the coming weeks — exciting things are in the works!



some thoughts on: stationary.
September 24, 2009, 10:31 pm
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After the hungover-less Saturday I had after the pub crawl [a blessing, but nonetheless disappointing], Ryan and I decided to go to the DeYoung. After being here almost a year, he still hadn’t visited and I was shocked. Being a member really pays because you can always take a friend with you for free. One of the best and most rewarding investments as a student is getting memberships to art museums. You benefit the art community as well as get the chance to have entertainment for free when you’re broke!
I love museums as well because I can always find interesting cards to send to people. My aunts, who haven’t heard from me in some time, we’re overdue for a “hello, how are you, i miss you dearly” card. Ryan helped me decide on these, which blew my mind:

wayne thiebaud, cakes collection, $9.50,

Sightly classy, slighly understated, slightly girly, slighly perfect. Each one has a recipe on the back so the person you’re sending a card to can create a lasting memory of you. I instantly became consumed by the idea of letter writing — how we don’t take the time to write notes, how they only have to say how much you like someone or even just to say hello and the thought that goes into fine paper, cards and stationary.
After updating my Facebook and Twitter and getting some addresses to send some things to, I started to go through my stationary box only to find that it didn’t reflect my current style. At all. I did a stint at Sanrio, also known as the Hello Kitty store, at the beginning of college, and all the stationary I owned reflected that. Though I do still have a passion for everyone’s favorite mouthless cat in a red bow, I still found it disconcerting that I, the person that thinks most about these things, wouldn’t have thought to reinvent my stationary style along with my fashion sense.
After some much needed shopping around, here are some links to some of the favorites I’ve found. If you have any suggestions for me, drop them in the comment box! I’m so excited to be finally getting some nice stationary — it really makes me feel as if I’m putting on a new dress for the first time!
Here are my top 6 picks — I’m in love with all of them!


dead is the new black.
September 18, 2009, 3:51 pm
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i coined that phrase while on the bus ride home today. i thought it was appropriate, considering the amount of people that has been kicking the bucket lately. i know its not just that i read a lot of news — it seems like a lot of people are dying for very strange reasons lately. not just people of notoriety, but friends of friends and locals around the bay area.
sad thing is, i actually think its a cool enough saying to put on a tote bag. or even cool enough to rename this blog. stay tuned. :]
shopping lately has been on a bit of an up curve, but i think it just dropped off the cliff. there was an american apparel flea market at school this week, which i ended up missing class for. i was one of the firsts in line and i battled it out to get some decent stuff. spent $36 and got a couple of t-shirts, a polo shirt, a belt and the find of the day — a satin blue bomber jacket that i love. slightly skeezy and slightly chic, i’m pretty sure its gonna look great with pearls and bows. its just a tad bit too tight right now, but i’m working on it. :]
i also bought some amazing new tights — the nordstrom brand is surprisingly reliable! they’re super comfortable and the feet on them fit perfectly instead of giving me fabric cankles like most other brands do. i also picked up a new bag that i’m IN LOVE with. the zipper on my last one is beyond repair and it wasn’t really expensive enough to get it fixed.

plus, the new ring from h&m is going to be in heavy rotation as well:

so this week has been a little more mellow, but a lot more melodramatic than past weeks. i’m blaming it on the mercury retrograde, which gala darling blogs pretty regularly about. everything is totally true, and it explains more than i ever could about the random things making me angry and things just totally going wrong out of nowhere. i’m battling it well, but i’m definitely to get over it and start being productive.
tonight is the broke ass stuart pub crawl and i’m super nervous! i’m hanging out with all the writers from the site, as well as stu’s fans. i’m probably going to be clutching to ryan for dear life. but at the very least, i will be very drunk. i hope that maybe i can get the courage up enough to talk to a boy? we’ll see. the hilarious part about it is that all the staff are riding in a stretch hummer. hilarity will ensue from the fact that i’m not a douchebag and will somehow feel like one all night. hopefully pictures to come.
i know that i’m going to be spending all weekend inside, so i’m sure you’ll hear from me again. in the mean time, go grab a drink tonight. its friday, you deserve it and you never know who you’ll meet!


week three: being realistic.
September 13, 2009, 11:14 pm
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so after much debate and trying to reason, i made one huge realization today: i am not going to graduate this semester.
my dad wasn’t at all pleased, my mom told me don’t worry and a lot of friends were really understanding, many of them going through the same thing. i guess i can just say that i let myself down. i really wanted to get done in four years, but instead of buckling down and asking my parents to pay for me to focus on school full time, i got a job and fucked around a lot and my grades show it.
after taking the tonight off from copy editing issue #4, i decided that i needed a bath, some anthony bourdain and some breakfast for dinner in order to make me feel right. after reconsidering my now postponed position, i realize that its probably for the better. i was freaking out about the bottom dropping out right after my birthday and all of the things that real life has waiting for me anyway. i figure that with graduating next may, i’ll have the spring semester to look for jobs and the winter break to figure out a financial plan and start seriously thinking about my future. i know i’ll be tired after this semester, but i’d be even more tired with my parents fighting over graduation tickets and trying to figure out what i’ll be wearing. if i take it easy next semester and get the 6 units i’m missing and a couple of fun journalism classes, i’ll have more than enough time to plan things and work a job so i can save up some cash. maybe even hydra! [or not. i’m hoping not but we’ll see what happens.]
all in all, i’m feeling a lot better about things and trying to be more optimistic. i think it will work out better for me. plus, i can work this semester until i pass out and hopefully make the dean’s list again. i just discovered last night that i had made it last semester — how exciting is that!?
i saw the september issue today with kayla finally, and i thought it was really well done. it was a bit eerie to see how much the actual vogue office mirrors the devil wears prada’s adaptation. i love how they highlighted grace coddington and how much of a genius she is in the fashion world. she never gets enough credit! i also thought it was funny that i remember reading the 2007 issue and came home to find the spreads i had ripped out of it in my clippings folder! i still love that 20’s spread to death. my god, total visual genius.
i ended up spending the rest of the afternoon in lower haight with a lazy brunch and kayla’s sweetie pie roommate, tim. it started to rain so i headed back to the roost only to discover the horrible news i just spent an entire post talking about. but fear not! i have a week of posts ahead on and i’m feeling confident about my mostly tackled homework load and issue #4.
the one thing i’m not feeling confident about? our breaking news coverage and the fact that the shittiest paper in the city somehow scooped us on a story about one of our own students. sigh. hopefully i can work for a publication someday that understands the meaning of a real news cycle.

ps: matinees are where its at. $6 for a movie? i’m in. sunday grandma mornings might have to be a tradition now.

September 12, 2009, 12:04 am
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the good:
–my new boots. both pairs. i don’t know how i’ve lived without them up until this point.
–staying the same weight.
–ryan motherfucking miller. most badass, hilarious and awesomely amazing person i’ve met in a long time.
watching the deterioration [read: best thing to ever happen] of our society happen on a 14×14 piece of canvas.
–kayla and i running all around the city just to find something to eat.
–sending important calls to voicemail and realizing i deserve a break.
this ring. i need it. i wants it. I MUST HAVE IT.
–pub crawl next friday!
–tokyo teas are my new shit.
this recipe, but not as leftovers.

the bad:
–trying to peel a sticker off your mac only to realize that your screen will now be disgustingly sticky forever. keep trying to remedy this.
–texting him, and then responding in a slightly weird way. i kind of want to die.
–feeling like i really need to move back in the city in order to live my life proper. its so expensive, but why am i going to live on the outskirts of a place i’ve built a life around?
–still not having a debit card. seriously, so frustrating.
–fiending for food again and not really knowing why. also on the verge of getting closer to my goal weight and then bobbing up again.
–my google reader being at 1000+. that is being tackled tomorrow morning.
–drinking. i know its not a bad thing but its the frequency of it.
–seeing some people and realizing i miss them. also, seeing some people and realizing i don’t miss them.
–my dry spell. it needs to stop. seriously.

the ugly:
the fact that we are so self-obsessed with advancement, culture, money and ourselves that we cannot look to the majority of the world that really, really needs help. it makes me sick to think about.

week two: still not quite there.
September 8, 2009, 10:11 pm
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i’m really excited about this show.
other than that, i have nothing new to report.
when i somehow make it out of this sad, growing mound of work that has somehow taken a chunk out of my life, i’ll update you.
but i will be here. i’ve never been to a comedy show and i think its time.

week two: better late than never…NOT
September 7, 2009, 11:04 pm
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so, like many of the photographers on [x]press this week, i am indeed late with my new weekly update. i figured that committing myself to a blog once a week wouldn’t be a very difficult task. but with the paper on furlough status [meaning production is occurring in my home, aka my personal space], homework backed up and plenty of new friends and old ones that are in dire need of hangouts and conversation, i’ve stretched myself a little thin this week. i was hoping to update with something awesome and substantial last night, but cooking for tom’s birthday and copy editing kept me up until 2:30 a.m. without a break. such as the life of a quaintrelle…
i will provide a more detailed update when there is time, which will probably be tomorrow. tom’s birthday being today made everything a little more hectic, but in the end, i had fun. they are currently partying on BART since its running all night. i decided to not attend since i was exhausted and in need of sleep for the long day of homework, finishing the paper and getting things done for me [like blogging!]
i need to start taking pictures. i made the most amazing food this weekend and i don’t have any evidence to prove it. balls.