something to look forward to.

September 12, 2009, 12:04 am
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the good:
–my new boots. both pairs. i don’t know how i’ve lived without them up until this point.
–staying the same weight.
–ryan motherfucking miller. most badass, hilarious and awesomely amazing person i’ve met in a long time.
watching the deterioration [read: best thing to ever happen] of our society happen on a 14×14 piece of canvas.
–kayla and i running all around the city just to find something to eat.
–sending important calls to voicemail and realizing i deserve a break.
this ring. i need it. i wants it. I MUST HAVE IT.
–pub crawl next friday!
–tokyo teas are my new shit.
this recipe, but not as leftovers.

the bad:
–trying to peel a sticker off your mac only to realize that your screen will now be disgustingly sticky forever. keep trying to remedy this.
–texting him, and then responding in a slightly weird way. i kind of want to die.
–feeling like i really need to move back in the city in order to live my life proper. its so expensive, but why am i going to live on the outskirts of a place i’ve built a life around?
–still not having a debit card. seriously, so frustrating.
–fiending for food again and not really knowing why. also on the verge of getting closer to my goal weight and then bobbing up again.
–my google reader being at 1000+. that is being tackled tomorrow morning.
–drinking. i know its not a bad thing but its the frequency of it.
–seeing some people and realizing i miss them. also, seeing some people and realizing i don’t miss them.
–my dry spell. it needs to stop. seriously.

the ugly:
the fact that we are so self-obsessed with advancement, culture, money and ourselves that we cannot look to the majority of the world that really, really needs help. it makes me sick to think about.

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