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week three: being realistic.
September 13, 2009, 11:14 pm
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so after much debate and trying to reason, i made one huge realization today: i am not going to graduate this semester.
my dad wasn’t at all pleased, my mom told me don’t worry and a lot of friends were really understanding, many of them going through the same thing. i guess i can just say that i let myself down. i really wanted to get done in four years, but instead of buckling down and asking my parents to pay for me to focus on school full time, i got a job and fucked around a lot and my grades show it.
after taking the tonight off from copy editing issue #4, i decided that i needed a bath, some anthony bourdain and some breakfast for dinner in order to make me feel right. after reconsidering my now postponed position, i realize that its probably for the better. i was freaking out about the bottom dropping out right after my birthday and all of the things that real life has waiting for me anyway. i figure that with graduating next may, i’ll have the spring semester to look for jobs and the winter break to figure out a financial plan and start seriously thinking about my future. i know i’ll be tired after this semester, but i’d be even more tired with my parents fighting over graduation tickets and trying to figure out what i’ll be wearing. if i take it easy next semester and get the 6 units i’m missing and a couple of fun journalism classes, i’ll have more than enough time to plan things and work a job so i can save up some cash. maybe even hydra! [or not. i’m hoping not but we’ll see what happens.]
all in all, i’m feeling a lot better about things and trying to be more optimistic. i think it will work out better for me. plus, i can work this semester until i pass out and hopefully make the dean’s list again. i just discovered last night that i had made it last semester — how exciting is that!?
i saw the september issue today with kayla finally, and i thought it was really well done. it was a bit eerie to see how much the actual vogue office mirrors the devil wears prada’s adaptation. i love how they highlighted grace coddington and how much of a genius she is in the fashion world. she never gets enough credit! i also thought it was funny that i remember reading the 2007 issue and came home to find the spreads i had ripped out of it in my clippings folder! i still love that 20’s spread to death. my god, total visual genius.
i ended up spending the rest of the afternoon in lower haight with a lazy brunch and kayla’s sweetie pie roommate, tim. it started to rain so i headed back to the roost only to discover the horrible news i just spent an entire post talking about. but fear not! i have a week of posts ahead on and i’m feeling confident about my mostly tackled homework load and issue #4.
the one thing i’m not feeling confident about? our breaking news coverage and the fact that the shittiest paper in the city somehow scooped us on a story about one of our own students. sigh. hopefully i can work for a publication someday that understands the meaning of a real news cycle.

ps: matinees are where its at. $6 for a movie? i’m in. sunday grandma mornings might have to be a tradition now.

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