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dead is the new black.
September 18, 2009, 3:51 pm
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i coined that phrase while on the bus ride home today. i thought it was appropriate, considering the amount of people that has been kicking the bucket lately. i know its not just that i read a lot of news — it seems like a lot of people are dying for very strange reasons lately. not just people of notoriety, but friends of friends and locals around the bay area.
sad thing is, i actually think its a cool enough saying to put on a tote bag. or even cool enough to rename this blog. stay tuned. :]
shopping lately has been on a bit of an up curve, but i think it just dropped off the cliff. there was an american apparel flea market at school this week, which i ended up missing class for. i was one of the firsts in line and i battled it out to get some decent stuff. spent $36 and got a couple of t-shirts, a polo shirt, a belt and the find of the day — a satin blue bomber jacket that i love. slightly skeezy and slightly chic, i’m pretty sure its gonna look great with pearls and bows. its just a tad bit too tight right now, but i’m working on it. :]
i also bought some amazing new tights — the nordstrom brand is surprisingly reliable! they’re super comfortable and the feet on them fit perfectly instead of giving me fabric cankles like most other brands do. i also picked up a new bag that i’m IN LOVE with. the zipper on my last one is beyond repair and it wasn’t really expensive enough to get it fixed.

plus, the new ring from h&m is going to be in heavy rotation as well:

so this week has been a little more mellow, but a lot more melodramatic than past weeks. i’m blaming it on the mercury retrograde, which gala darling blogs pretty regularly about. everything is totally true, and it explains more than i ever could about the random things making me angry and things just totally going wrong out of nowhere. i’m battling it well, but i’m definitely to get over it and start being productive.
tonight is the broke ass stuart pub crawl and i’m super nervous! i’m hanging out with all the writers from the site, as well as stu’s fans. i’m probably going to be clutching to ryan for dear life. but at the very least, i will be very drunk. i hope that maybe i can get the courage up enough to talk to a boy? we’ll see. the hilarious part about it is that all the staff are riding in a stretch hummer. hilarity will ensue from the fact that i’m not a douchebag and will somehow feel like one all night. hopefully pictures to come.
i know that i’m going to be spending all weekend inside, so i’m sure you’ll hear from me again. in the mean time, go grab a drink tonight. its friday, you deserve it and you never know who you’ll meet!


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