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September 24, 2009, 10:31 pm
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After the hungover-less Saturday I had after the pub crawl [a blessing, but nonetheless disappointing], Ryan and I decided to go to the DeYoung. After being here almost a year, he still hadn’t visited and I was shocked. Being a member really pays because you can always take a friend with you for free. One of the best and most rewarding investments as a student is getting memberships to art museums. You benefit the art community as well as get the chance to have entertainment for free when you’re broke!
I love museums as well because I can always find interesting cards to send to people. My aunts, who haven’t heard from me in some time, we’re overdue for a “hello, how are you, i miss you dearly” card. Ryan helped me decide on these, which blew my mind:

wayne thiebaud, cakes collection, $9.50,

Sightly classy, slighly understated, slightly girly, slighly perfect. Each one has a recipe on the back so the person you’re sending a card to can create a lasting memory of you. I instantly became consumed by the idea of letter writing — how we don’t take the time to write notes, how they only have to say how much you like someone or even just to say hello and the thought that goes into fine paper, cards and stationary.
After updating my Facebook and Twitter and getting some addresses to send some things to, I started to go through my stationary box only to find that it didn’t reflect my current style. At all. I did a stint at Sanrio, also known as the Hello Kitty store, at the beginning of college, and all the stationary I owned reflected that. Though I do still have a passion for everyone’s favorite mouthless cat in a red bow, I still found it disconcerting that I, the person that thinks most about these things, wouldn’t have thought to reinvent my stationary style along with my fashion sense.
After some much needed shopping around, here are some links to some of the favorites I’ve found. If you have any suggestions for me, drop them in the comment box! I’m so excited to be finally getting some nice stationary — it really makes me feel as if I’m putting on a new dress for the first time!
Here are my top 6 picks — I’m in love with all of them!


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I agree with you that people underestimate the power of a handwritten note, no matter how short. I think thank you notes are the most important kind of note.

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