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September 25, 2009, 10:02 pm
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i look like im having way too much fun.

i look like i'm having way too much fun.

finally some pictures have surfaced from the pub crawl! was hoping to get these out sooner, but i think this one is by far my favorite in the batch.

even though i look like a mess in this one, its only picture i have so far of ryan and i together. miller squared — we’re the double teaming duo.

after a crazy week, it has been nice to stay in and be a hermit for a couple of nights. i really am adoring [x]press lately and all the great work that the team has really been putting in, but i really need a break from school. i have the house to myself this weekend, which is a major plus because i don’t have any money. i’m making food for ryan and i tomorrow…at least i think. it will be nice because i haven’t been able to cook for anyone in sometime, nor make a full on meal. the menu is looking like: grilled mushroom, spinach and bleu cheese salad, potato, zucchini and green onion pancakes, my infamous gorgonzola raddichio ziti and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. the leftovers from this are going to be epic.
i’m currently eating one of my new favorite things that is really easy and diet friendly:

it seriously is the equivalent of making top ramen, and it only has 170 calories per package! its awesome. the flavors are delicious and they’re only $.69! you can definitely get sick of them but i’m loving them at the moment.
i’ve also become obsessed with mad men, just like everyone else. i’m hoping i can catch up soon — its all i have been wanting to watch lately. the style, the complex characters, the unexpected surprises…its all awesome! i find myself gravitating towards tv more and more, and i’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing…

how was your week, lovelies? hope you’re all out partying the stress away…i will be harboring my energy for the coming weeks — exciting things are in the works!


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