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get spooked.
October 30, 2009, 5:48 pm
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this is still an all-time favorite for me.
what are you doing for the holiday? parties? going away? i’m going to see sleepy sun tonight and possibly a party to kick off the weekend, and then going hopping all around the city tomorrow night as sookie! its going to be fantastic. whatever you do, make sure you have fun, and BE SAFE.
if you’re in SF, luxor cabs is giving free rides all night to people so they can get home. just make sure you say that berg injury lawyers is picking up the tab!
have a spooky, wonderful weekend, everyone!

five favorite blogs.
October 27, 2009, 9:02 pm
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I want to start doing installations of blogs I love. One of the things I never get enough of is my Google Reader, and I love catching new blogs. Week to week, I may feature a theme or a topic that all of the blogs may encompass, but for the first installation, I’m just going to do a good mix of new everyday reads and old favorites that I’m a die-hard fan of. Check em out!

from "10 things I adore" VIA bleubird vintage!

    Bleubird Vintage:
    I managed to stumble across this the other day by accident, and what a surprise! Though there isn’t much to read here, the thoughts and pictures are wonderful. It IS photo heavy, so if you’re on a slow internet connection, this isn’t the best website to be looking at. You can follow them on twitter: @bleubirdvintage

    Not Cot:
    Though it has multiple components, including sister blog Not Couture, Not Cot still manages to deliver some of the hottest items of news in the design world. Though it is post heavy during the day [somewhere between 20-30 a day], their site interaction makes it easy to navigate and catch up. Whether its the new Shepard Fairey installation or a cool, random, independent online game, Not Cot usually blogs about it first. You can follow them on twitter: @notcot
    California Beat:
    This is a more news-driven site, something that I don’t think I read enough of. This is a great example of a community news blog that does an amazing job of getting transit and regional news out to a large number of people. I really like the way that the reporting is done, and their alerts on twitter are usually some of the first I see. If anything, I would recommend keeping it bookmarked just to check for updates on major news stories that other outlets might fail to discover. You can follow them on twitter: @californiabeat

sadly discontinued vegan burger from mission burger VIA vegansaurus

What are some of your favorite blogs? What would you like featured on the site? Let me know in the comments.
I think its time for a little bit more brainstorming and some Mad Men before bed. Maybe Don will inspire some genius in me. Goodnight!


sunday crafty sunday!
October 25, 2009, 9:32 pm
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this past weekend has been just what i needed! it has cost me a pretty penny, but i needed to pull the trap door loose and just escape. having four jobs that all don’t pay is frustrating, but its nice when i can take a weekend off and just relax.

the indie mart vintage event today at workshop was amazing! a lot of great people came through and it was so positive. the heat was killer, but it was so beautiful out — the perfect kind of day that we needed. kelly taught me how to sew [!!!] and i made flannel and jean beer cozies. she’s going to take in all my old band shirts that i want to save and she’s going to hem my sookie shorts for my costume! i also met a lot of amazing people, finally got in the photo booth and hung out with old friends. i’m so happy to be a part of workshop — it really makes your day to be doing great stuff for amazing people.

last night was awesome — i finally hung out with my friend amanda and we had a blast. i needed some cheap clothes that were going to last me a couple of months, and i didn’t really feel like thrifting, so we hit up forever 21. i got the cutest plaid dress that fits me perfectly! i had so much rich food this weekend that it was a little tight when i changed into my house clothes tonight, but who cares! we also went by the rickshaw stop and watched her friends band, diego’s umbrella. it was good and interesting. i never really go to clubs, so its always funny to see the kinds of crowds that show up.

i’m off to copy-edit and start jotting down ideas for workshop, and the paper. hope all of you had a stellar weekend!


ps: i had an awesome feature post over at this past weekend…check it out and leave me some love!

that’s rough.
October 24, 2009, 8:51 am
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Hello Saturday!
I’m not having the best of mornings, but it’s a morning nonetheless. My date went well last night until we went on a walk after dinner. Then it managed to crash into a tree, run across a field and totally drive into a lake. I suppose it’s better in the long run, but I went on a crash course last night and luckily stopped myself before I got out of hand. I bumped into a lot of people when I was upset and hung out with a few that were hilarious, so it made me feel a little happier. I’m determined to forget it ever happened and I really want to just leave it in the past, where all unsavory memories should be kept.
Even though shopping is never the answer to anyone’s problems, I feel like I need some retail therapy today. My Sookie Stackhouse costume [I KNOW, I’M STILL SO STOKED] is almost finished, but I still need a wig and a pair of black shorts. I think i’m going to do a bit of shopping today and just take money out of my savings. I’m over not feeling like I’m worth it.
Which brings me to my second point: the holidays/my birthday are coming! I don’t want to make anything a big deal this year — every time i try to plan something, it foils miserably. I just want to tell everyone that I love that they mean something to me. Ryan told me he would teach me how to knit, but I’m not holding my breath. So I’m looking for good cookie recipes cause, really, who doesn’t love great cookies and a really cute card?
I need to get ready to go see Where The Wild Things Are — finally! Hope all of you have a great Saturday!


October 22, 2009, 9:51 pm
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The past few days have been insane. In order to recap, I think I’ll do a bulleted list.

    Treasure Island Music Festival was amazing. I only was able to attend the second day, but it was such an experience. I am definitely going next year, even if I have to pay. Stu ended up getting shut out for interviews, so I just hung out and enjoyed the day off. I’m really kicking myself for not taking more pictures, but I was having too much fun. I got to see Wayne Coyne in the inflatable ball, which feels like a rite of passage in awesomeness at this point. They also played “Enthusiasm for Life Defeats Internal Existential Fear”, which they said they would only play once earlier at the Pitchfork Festival this year, so that was super awesome. Beirut was definitely the highlight of my day though — Zach Condon is amazingly dreamy and sounds so pretty all the time. I think they’ve officially turned into my favorite band. Indie Mart was rad and Stu and I gonzo-ed it all the way through. I have to say its one of the best days I’ve had in some time.
    Hearst Interview went fantastic! I was pre-interviewing for the Hearst Fellowship and the recruiter was impressed. Considering he’s one of the biggest hard asses that has worked at the Chronicle for the last 20 years, I am extremely flattered. Applications are due in January — you bet your ass I’m submitting one!
    The weekend coming up is going to be amazing! Tomorrow I have a lunch date with Jack Turner, and then I’m going out with a boy tomorrow night. :] Saturday, I’m finally going to see Where The Wild Things Are with Kayla and hopefully chill and get the rest of my halloween costume. Sunday, I’m working the vintage event at Indie Mart — I feel like I need a new vintage dress but I don’t really have one that fits! Maybe I’ll peep around on Saturday.

I’m kicking things off tonight with a Mad Men marathon. I have some mad catching up to do.
I’m off to finish some posts for You’ll hopefully hear from me again soon!


Sleepy Sun
October 17, 2009, 11:18 am
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So I stumbled across this band by accident. One of my old co-workers was obsessed with these kids, but I always thought she was a little insane so I never bothered. But they’re insanely good. I just picked up their record last night on our road trip and its awesome. I interviewed them recently for, so go check it out! And if you’ll be at Treasure Island this weekend, see them on the Bridge Stage at noon. You’ll seriously be in for a show.


news love.
October 17, 2009, 12:14 am
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sad day everywhere for journalists.

sad day everywhere for journalists.

Life has taken on a new pattern, a new meaning. I’m suddenly dedicated to my work, and I don’t think its a bad thing. It’s certainly producing results, and I don’t think I should complain. I’m starting to realize the price of hard work, and the pay off is always an immensely satisfying high that I’m not sure I can describe.
This past Monday, I had a job consultation/advising session with a representative of NPR. I put together my best clips, wore a really amazing blouse and somehow nailed it. The representative, though not offering a job immediately, told me I should apply for the Summer 2010 cycle and to list her as one of my fans in my cover letter. Exciting.
Next Monday, I am interviewing in a similar style as a contender for the Hearst Fellowship. Though this is a fantastic opportunity and I will actually get paid more than a stipend, I’m somehow less excited and more nervous. I know that many student journalists would dream of this chance, but I more or less think that NPR is going more towards the future. In terms of Hearst, we’re not entirely sure how long the Chronicle will be holding on, or any other paper on their roster for that matter. Though I will take anything that I can get, I will say that Hearst would have sealed the deal with me if the Seattle Post-Intelligencer was still in print.
This past week was crazy news week. The storm that flew in from the Pacific rocked our campus like no other, and I was able to get a breaking news clip underneath my belt for the first time this semester. I managed my team extremely well and put everyone in the right places, and I’m proud of myself for handling a news event in such a calm and intelligent way. I’m proud of my work thus far with [X]press, and I think it’s only going to get better.
The Bay Area edition of the New York Times premiered today, and I gotta say I love it. I also love that its only 2 days a week, since I will totally be able to afford it every week. It’s going to be great — I already really like the wine article and the article on the new police chief in Oakland. I’m aiming high, but I’ve got my eyes on the prize as far as that paper is concerned. Hopefully I’ll get my foot in the door someday.
I also just discovered the New York Times Reader. I’m kind of amazed that this hasn’t been talked about more. It backs up the latest 7 days of news content — including photo slideshows and videos — and you don’t have to be connected to the internet to use it. Its $14.95/month for the whole version, and I think I want to subscribe. This thing is blowing my mind right now!
On a rather solemn ending note, Tom showed me this photographer’s photos of what the albatross actually survives on. Frightening, but sobering. If you have a weak stomach, exercise caution before clicking ahead. You’ve been warned.


cook free or die.
October 11, 2009, 12:56 am
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hey tony, you never get old. just thought i would let you know.
exciting things are happening in my world, guys.
i’m just trying to better organize my schedule so i can actually write on this blog.
stay tuned.