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Frock Off.
November 16, 2009, 5:00 pm
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The photo of the week has to be this Lady Gaga spread from Vogue. I’m impressed that Anna Wintour has made such a bold move, but this seems relatively tame for the Lady. What do you think?

Refinery 29’s list of “9 Things Every Guy Should Buy And Wear” is a total keeper. I think if more dudes adhered to this simple dress code, we would have a lot more head turners around the City! I love the simple and chic basics that they use as an outline to create a wardrobe.

One of my favorite designers, Luella Bartley, lost her financial backing this week and it is unclear whether she will continue to produce her designs. Such a sad sign of hard financial times — I hope that someone as ingenius as she will be able to keep working.

A local designer, Micaela Greg, hits a high note at Shoptometrist. I love the use of pattern and draping on the skirts — this shape is becoming increasingly popular along with the crazy shoulder pad look. My roommate has a similarly draped skirt and I wanted to steal it off of her when I saw her leave the house this morning.

If I could ever be in love with a coat, Camilla Wellton has completely won my heart. I know that there is no way I could afford this without a loan and quitting college, but the amazingly beautiful and versatile design is drop-dead gorgeous. Functionality paired with elegance is always a huge head turner for me.

The new holiday catalog for Urban Outfitters is out and I can already see a wish list manifesting. There is a real emphasis on lots of structured skirts and boots. Totally loving their winter looks!