something to look forward to.

September 22, 2010, 6:23 pm
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i haven’t done this in awhile, but i’m going to start again. i feel like the only way to truly keep my faith alive these days is to just keep doing a little more every single day. and today, my friends, is the day that i start writing again.
some things i’ve done the past few days and nights that are worth mentioning…

yamo for lunch — there is something about the food here that is so honest and great. knowing that you can go somewhere in the heart of san francisco and never pay more than $10 for a delicious meal is comforting and reassuring. nick and i headed there for lunch today and had the curry chicken and curry tofu both with noodles and some sambusas. i’m seriously beyond stuffed, but that also might have something to do with me grabbing some herb slab and brie from bi-rite after getting ice cream at the creamery. burp.

the town — i have always wanted to know more about boston, and although i’m pretty sure this movie has really nothing to add to conversation about boston’s history or its current state, it was still extremely entertaining. Ben Affleck actually didn’t make me sick, and seeing Jon Hamm out of a Mad Men role was fantastic. i recommend it to everyone. who doesn’t love the bad guys every once in awhile?

pencil skirts, animal prints, adina mills — three of my fall basics wrapped into one sentence. i cannot get buy without any of these things now that i have them. i absolutely love my pencil skirt and new leopard top from h&m. whether they are put together or worn apart, they are amazing. and my new ring that i picked up this past sunday from Adina is gorgeous and show stopping. i get nothing but compliments when i wear it out!

indie mart — this past sunday was a great success, despite the drizzle hanging above our heads for most of the day. i feel like i’ve finally gotten a handle on the event. though there were some shortfalls, it’s impossible for any event to go perfectly on the day of, no matter how prepared you and your staff are. the best decision i made? swallowing my pride and putting on my nike court forces instead of a cute pair of flats. my feet no longer hate me for longer than an hour during post-event down time. i didn’t get to shop as much, but i will be posting a guide to my favorite vendors lately that i have been loving!

catching up with old friends — over the past week, i’ve been reuniting with some old faces that i haven’t seen in some time. i feel like i’m finally emerging from the time warp that i went through after moving and i’m starting to get adjusted to my faster pace of life. regardless, it’s been nice and refreshing to reconnect with people that i haven’t seen in some time. i have plans with many of them in the near future, and i am really looking forward to it!

tonight i am going out reporting, and for real this time. i’m heading out to Stuart’s Still Broke As Fuck night at Doc’s Clock and hopefully I’ll get some great interviews. i’m having a glass of bulleitt to calm the nerves and get in the mood, but i am jumping in the cold pool again. terrified, but it’s like riding a bike. i know after the first block, i’m gonna be fine. catch up with you guys soon!