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January 11, 2009, 3:34 am
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new hair!sorry i haven’t posted in a few days, guys! the weather by chance has been beautiful so i’ve been trying to use it to my advantage and catch up with as many people as possible. but there is a lot going on at the moment, so there is definitely a lot to talk about.
for starters, i got my haircut! i was totally in love with it at first, but after the first day i knew there was something off about it. after talking with my roommate/friend alexis tonight, i came to the conclusion that it was the long sides that were taking from it and that it seemed to distract from the nice shape of the haircut. so, being my optimistic and practical self, i took matters into my own hands to trim them off. i wasn’t very happy the results and nearly cried at what happened when i did it, but i can’t do anything about it now! i’ve learned to be a lot more loose about my hair, since i’ve realized it does grow back. i’m sure it will look fine in a couple of weeks when it starts to grow in but i’m basically not looking in a mirror until then cause i believe i’ve messed it up so badly. the whole idea was to have the front longer and to have the back essentially disconnected from it so drastically that the lengths would be different. its fine, i only paid $20 for the cut [paul mitchell school, you rule!] so i can’t be too upset that i fucked it up, but still. i’m also still thinking of going pomegranate red for the time being. i’m going to sit on it another week and if i decide its totally necessary, i’m getting it done.
outfit of the day -- de young! [jan 7th, 2009]the other exciting thing i did this week was go to the de young. my brother got me an awesome membership for my birthday [thanks, bro!], which lets me visit the de young or the legion of honor whenever i’d like, and i can bring a plus one for free. sweet, right? so doug and i had date day this past wednesday and checked out the museum. the thing that impresses me so much about the de young is their huge permanent collection. i can never seem to get through it and i always seem to find a new room or something that wasn’t there before. the yves saint laurent exhibit going on right now is really remarkable. i was impressed that they were able to get all of the looks and outfits they had on display, and the way it was outlined really gave insight to his work and his legacy. although many people were wandering around like it was strange, what most people don’t realize is that fashion is art. i went into the full reasoning with doug about this and how fashion lines, seasons, concepts and actual products all play a part and how it constitutes a point of view. he seemed to somewhat understand me, but i think he’s still a little confused. the asian-american modern art exhibit was quite interesting, but most of the art was not for my taste. as for the maya lin installation, i was yawning the whole way through. it was nothing extraordinary to make me leap out of my tights or anything. the entire concept and point of view was interesting but i just couldn’t connect the dots on the execution. regardless, there is a lot of visual fun going on at the de young right now, so catch the installations while you can!
golden gate park!then friday was a pretty much lazy day. i ended up heading to the east bay in the afternoon and basically not moving from hannah’s love seat. alex, deb, doug, owen, hannah and i all just took a massive chill pill. we ate delicious food [including an incredible vegetable smorgasbord of a pizza, made from scratch!] and watched mass amounts of blue planet, michel gondry and busta rhymes videos. good times and too many “that’s what she said’s” were definitely had. it makes me miss all of them a bunch — i always try to treasure the time i have with them, since its few and far between. i still wish i would have gone bar hopping with them — i’ve become quite the good girl in the past couple months, if that’s easy to believe.
i’m still puzzled as to why i’m so awake this late — i had a weird day with a lot of thinking about things so it might just be them processing out. i think it also has to do with all of the things that have suddenly fallen on my plate — being editor, taking on new responsibilities for stuart, trying to read, go to the gym and otherwise be a good person for the new year. i’m just not so used to crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s — i have a feeling the next six months are going to be pretty interesting.
hopefully i can get up at a decent hour tomorrow and get everything i need to accomplish done and squared away. i’m scared but i think i’d be freaked out if i wasn’t!

January 7, 2009, 10:24 am
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the front of the journal.

the front of the journal.

the back.

the back of the journal.

my best friend’s birthday is coming up and i wasn’t sure what to get her, so i thought i would take a tip from the high school days and make her a journal. since i had so much time on my hands back then, i used to churn out these composition books faster then you can say “wow.” they aren’t the best in the world, but its nice to put something together to show people that you were thinking of them. i’m not totally artistic or anything but i like showing people that i care.
but also, can we talk about the outrage at the PRICE of a composition book though? i remember they used to be under a dollar when i would do these back in high school, which was about 5-6 years ago. i couldn’t find one in SF less than $3! i understand that because we don’t have target or slave mart [which, more power to us, i think] we can’t get the cheapest price sometimes but i just think that’s insanely outrageous.
this journal also marks my move toward trying to be more creative with my time. i used to spend all these hours of the day taking pictures, making journals, writing, drawing, collaging, sewing in journals and i just don’t do it anymore. considering my abundance of time until school starts [well, maybe less so now that i have a meeting with stuart tomorrow and the paper goes into production early next week…], i want to try and get into the swing of creating more things. and in the midst of this last night, i came up with a slogan:
“more art, less angst.”
its a little impossible to try and live with one and not the other, but i think i’m going to spend less time complaining and more time with my hands.
once doug gets up, we’re off to the ysl exhibit at the de young that i have been dying to see forever. and now its free, thanks to my awesome brother who got me a membership for my birthday! and even better is the fact that he’s coming to see me in a couple weeks! :]