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news love.
October 17, 2009, 12:14 am
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sad day everywhere for journalists.

sad day everywhere for journalists.

Life has taken on a new pattern, a new meaning. I’m suddenly dedicated to my work, and I don’t think its a bad thing. It’s certainly producing results, and I don’t think I should complain. I’m starting to realize the price of hard work, and the pay off is always an immensely satisfying high that I’m not sure I can describe.
This past Monday, I had a job consultation/advising session with a representative of NPR. I put together my best clips, wore a really amazing blouse and somehow nailed it. The representative, though not offering a job immediately, told me I should apply for the Summer 2010 cycle and to list her as one of my fans in my cover letter. Exciting.
Next Monday, I am interviewing in a similar style as a contender for the Hearst Fellowship. Though this is a fantastic opportunity and I will actually get paid more than a stipend, I’m somehow less excited and more nervous. I know that many student journalists would dream of this chance, but I more or less think that NPR is going more towards the future. In terms of Hearst, we’re not entirely sure how long the Chronicle will be holding on, or any other paper on their roster for that matter. Though I will take anything that I can get, I will say that Hearst would have sealed the deal with me if the Seattle Post-Intelligencer was still in print.
This past week was crazy news week. The storm that flew in from the Pacific rocked our campus like no other, and I was able to get a breaking news clip underneath my belt for the first time this semester. I managed my team extremely well and put everyone in the right places, and I’m proud of myself for handling a news event in such a calm and intelligent way. I’m proud of my work thus far with [X]press, and I think it’s only going to get better.
The Bay Area edition of the New York Times premiered today, and I gotta say I love it. I also love that its only 2 days a week, since I will totally be able to afford it every week. It’s going to be great — I already really like the wine article and the article on the new police chief in Oakland. I’m aiming high, but I’ve got my eyes on the prize as far as that paper is concerned. Hopefully I’ll get my foot in the door someday.
I also just discovered the New York Times Reader. I’m kind of amazed that this hasn’t been talked about more. It backs up the latest 7 days of news content — including photo slideshows and videos — and you don’t have to be connected to the internet to use it. Its $14.95/month for the whole version, and I think I want to subscribe. This thing is blowing my mind right now!
On a rather solemn ending note, Tom showed me this photographer’s photos of what the albatross actually survives on. Frightening, but sobering. If you have a weak stomach, exercise caution before clicking ahead. You’ve been warned.


design dance with st├ęphane massa-bidal, aka retrofuturs!
June 14, 2009, 10:05 am
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i decided that since i’m so obsessed with design, photography and art, i need to start highlighting some of my favorite artists, as well as some new ones that i discover in my blogroll.

as most of you know, i waste a lot of time on ffffound. [if you don’t know what ffffound is, i suggest you get with the program by smoking a joint and getting on this website. trust me, you’ll thank me.]
a few months ago, i stumbled across a grip of these posters that i thought were amazing. like anything else, i did some clicking around and found out that all of them were the collective work of one dude, st├ęphane massa-bidal, and his company, retrofuturs.
he aims to “mix the past, the present, the future and shake it!” with his work, and i’m completely in love with his prints. when he starts selling them, i just might throw my hands up in the hair because i won’t be sure which one to buy.
also, if you speak french, he writes in both languages on everything. to see his works in full, check out his flickr page.
support great design!

three clicks.
June 13, 2009, 1:29 pm
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its beautiful and warm out today in sf, so if you’re reading this post, i suggest you get off your computer and go to dolores! i just finished a warm load of laundry and i’m in need of some catch up work, which makes me sad. but go out, grab an ice cream cone and go slip-n-sliding with your friends for me!

♥ so i’ve been obsessed with this sign last week ever since i saw it in one of the photo essays on the selby. i’m super stoked that i finally found a place i can buy it from online. they’re a little steep, but i think if i frame them all, they’ll last forever!

♥ gala over at iCiNG published a list awhile back of not-so-typical date activities. i’m totally in love with it and i think its a great place to grab inspiration from, whether you’re in need of some romance or trying to rekindle the flame.

the indie mart is coming up in a week and i couldn’t be more excited. i’ll be tabling with stu in the warm sun and there will be lots of shit talking, lots of laughs and lots of bloody marys. i’m hoping to spend a little cash and a little time with the cuties that frequent, including the lovely kelly, who is basically who i wanna be when i grow up. if you’re in sf, this is a FREE event where you can drink, shop, see some local bands and get a number, all in one place. trust me, its where you should be next weekend. ;]

also, on an ending note, i went and caught kelli rudick at amnesia with stu this week and the girl has got skills. i still wonder how she’s not traveling the world, but her loop station use is pretty awesome.

now go out and chase the sun!

as if music can’t get anymore amazing.
June 10, 2009, 6:40 am
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i love when you suddenly realize that a song you love is actually part of your life, especially when its one you didn’t write. the heart-filling feeling it gives you is unlike any other. its this manic charge that makes you realize music can truly be universal, despite the fact that it is so deeply personal.

...but i'm trying.

...but i'm trying.

“french navy”
camera obscura

spent a week in a dusty library
waiting for some words to jump at me
we met by a trick of fate
french navy, my sailor mate
we met by the moon on a silvery lake
you came my way
said, I want you to stay

you, with your dietary restriction
said you loved me with a lot of conviction
i was waiting to be struck by lightning
waiting for somebody exciting
like you
oh, the thing that you do
you make me go, ooooo
with the things that you do (you do, you do)

i wanted to control it
but love, i couldn’t hold it
i wanted to control it
but love, i couldn’t hold it

i’ll be criticized for lending out my art
i was criticized for letting you break my heart
why would i stand for disappointed looks
fully grown but i’m all on tender hooks

oooo, with the looks
on tender hooks,
oooo, with the looks, the looks, the looks

i wanted to control it
but love, i couldn’t hold it
i wanted to control it
but love, i couldn’t hold it

relationships were something i used to do
convince me they are better for me and you
we met by a trick of fate
french navy, my sailor

i wanted to control it
but love, i couldn’t hold it
i wanted to control it
but love, i couldn’t hold it

i’ll be excited when i start helping ian with his magazine…i’ll get to be able to write about music again.
in the meantime, i can’t stop thinking about how nice monday night was and how much i’m going to miss you. i hope i get to do it again.

i hate to admit it, but its true.

i hate to admit it, but its true.

2009: Watch Out.
January 2, 2009, 8:13 am
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Lets face it: 2008 was great. I had a great string of accomplishments that gave me some great confidence in my field, made numerous new friends, had some good [and not so good jobs] and managed to have fun with being 21. Now that I’m a year older and a little bit wiser [who would have known that sleep and a cup of noodles could cure a hangover instantly?], I’m ready to take on 2009. Even with the turmoil that surrounds our nation at this moment, I fully believe that I will be reaching even further with my aspirations. I hope to make the biggest strides ever this year, and am hoping to write about it, all in this blog. It is one of my biggest resolutions and goals, so I hope that I will not lose motivation or grasp on the desire to blog regularly.
With that, I will leave you. Losing weight is one of the biggest priorities this year, so getting to the gym tomorrow after my horrid hangover today will prove difficult without my beauty rest.
i’m looking to finally finish the book i’ve been trying to finish for the last 6 months so i can get started on all the great books i got for christmas and my birthday. Till next time!