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update, d00d.
February 5, 2009, 8:22 pm
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this week has been hectic. i was putting out fires at the paper all week, not eating and then overeating, not getting any sleep and not seeing any of my friends. i almost broke up with my boyfriend at school yesterday, while sitting two tables away from some really close friends.
i don’t know what is wrong with me. i really need to find a routine that doesn’t stress me out while i’m in production. since the weekends are pretty much the only time that i have any moments to myself, i need to find ways to cope. its not that i don’t want to be there every step of the way with the paper, but i also need to not drive myself to the point of insanity. i was so stressed out last night that i smoked a joint at school. i thought that i would never do that, but i was just so overwhelmed that i did it. and i don’t want to be that kid anymore, the one that gets high before class and makes grades and thinks its fucking hilarious. idk. i want to keep weed out of the picture for the moment.
in other news…
american apparel got stopped! how awesome is that?
anyway, i’m still waiting for my tshirt to come in. c’mon print liberation, don’t let me down!
tomorrow is going to be a much needed day of errands and running around the city. hopefully i’ll run into someone? i’m hoping so.
and i got my financial aid money! YESSS. 😀
expect pictures soon. i’m sorry i haven’t been busting them out as frequently [or posts for that matter], but i’ve been in the newsroom all week and the last thing i need is a gig of pictures from those arrogant assholes.
what did you do this week?

January 21, 2009, 10:56 pm
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today has been one of the most stressful days i’ve had in awhile, and definitely the most stressful over break. from the second i woke up this morning, there was an inkling that i was going to pay for something. [god knows what, i keep track of my karma as much as possible, but i never know what i did wrong when days like this pop up.]
i promised myself that this wouldn’t be a place for ranting and raving about my life, but today was exceptional. i think i almost had a nervous breakdown. i really managed to nearly drive myself insane. i honestly should have given up halfway through and then maybe, just maybe, i would have been alright. the paper is such a huge weight right now [no pun intended] — i’ve had to take off the rest of the night, even though my brother is flying in to the city tomorrow night [yay!]. i should be doing work but all i can think about right now is this grinding, persistent headache i’ve had all day.
i just hope that aaron coming tomorrow night will take some of the edge off and keep me playing tour guide instead of editor. i just need to take a breath of fresh air tonight before i hit the sack and hopefully, just maybe, i can get enough inspiration in me to confront everything in the morning.