something to look forward to.

three clicks.
June 13, 2009, 1:29 pm
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its beautiful and warm out today in sf, so if you’re reading this post, i suggest you get off your computer and go to dolores! i just finished a warm load of laundry and i’m in need of some catch up work, which makes me sad. but go out, grab an ice cream cone and go slip-n-sliding with your friends for me!

♥ so i’ve been obsessed with this sign last week ever since i saw it in one of the photo essays on the selby. i’m super stoked that i finally found a place i can buy it from online. they’re a little steep, but i think if i frame them all, they’ll last forever!

♥ gala over at iCiNG published a list awhile back of not-so-typical date activities. i’m totally in love with it and i think its a great place to grab inspiration from, whether you’re in need of some romance or trying to rekindle the flame.

the indie mart is coming up in a week and i couldn’t be more excited. i’ll be tabling with stu in the warm sun and there will be lots of shit talking, lots of laughs and lots of bloody marys. i’m hoping to spend a little cash and a little time with the cuties that frequent, including the lovely kelly, who is basically who i wanna be when i grow up. if you’re in sf, this is a FREE event where you can drink, shop, see some local bands and get a number, all in one place. trust me, its where you should be next weekend. ;]

also, on an ending note, i went and caught kelli rudick at amnesia with stu this week and the girl has got skills. i still wonder how she’s not traveling the world, but her loop station use is pretty awesome.

now go out and chase the sun!

which one do i buy?
February 21, 2009, 11:39 am
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there is too much to catch up on, i know, but which one do i buy?

they’re all the same price, so that’s not even a factor. i just need a nice black bag because i need it to match my outfits better. love my brown one, but i’m anal about black and brown pairings.
i’ve also discovered this week that i can have an insane amazing crush on monday and have it fizzle by friday. how fickle my heart is.

present and correct — a new obsession.
February 14, 2009, 10:20 am
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all this stuff looks amazing, right?! present and correct are the best stationary site i’ve seen in awhile.
ever since i was small, i have always been obsessed with stationary, notebooks, pens and organizers. though it has switched to different kinds over the years [from composition books to making my own to japanese stationary] it’s always been there. it might be because i’m a writer — but i have so many journals and notebooks built up that need use.
but the second i stumbled upon this website, my mouth started watering. actual vintage book belts?! that may be a trend that i need to bring back. but for now, since i am completely broke and unwilling to ship things from the uk at the moment, i will just keep drooling and hoping i can ship some stuff soon. book belts!!!! i can’t get over it.

ps: happy valentine’s day. hope you’re spending it with someone you care about.

January 31, 2009, 10:41 pm
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today was so much fun.
although i was up way too early, it allowed me to get a good start on my day. i watched some news on the tv as well as some junk tv to give my brain time to shut off. i like getting up really early, i’ve realized. its something about the morning that makes every day feel right. i only wish i could fight the urge to go to sleep half the time.
i was just hanging out, then i decided to go to japantown, where emma and i were going to meet up. i went and saw an old friend at the new sanrio that opened today. i bought a new cell phone charm and a pen, both of which are super cute. i ended up meeting emma after awhile and we preceded to shop our brains out. i think i’m on cute overload for the time being. but our theme throughout the day was mushrooms. aren’t they just awesome when they’re all red and white spotted and cartoon-y? i don’t think there is anything better.
we ate a good warm lunch that made me feel super calm and comfortable. i don’t know what it was, it might have been the temperature. but the tea was really good and i liked my rice a lot.
i’ve been worried about someone a lot lately, and i’ve been feeling insecure about it, so i was finally able to let those thoughts go for awhile today and let them out. i hate feeling like i can’t help someone that i truly care about get out of a potentially controlling relationship. its all so complicated, but i let those things go with my food and relaxed a little bit more.
i almost bought the marc by marc lookbook at the japanese bookstore, cause it came with a free big letter navy tote. i’m kind of regretting not buying one, since it was so cute and only $20. the lookbook could provide hours of entertainment alone.
after taking the rest day off after to chill with emma some more, i realized also how close i am to graduating and how i’m in for a huge change. i’m super determined that i can make it in the industry, and so can she, but who’s to say what’s certain? the next few years will be extremely interesting and we have no idea what is in store for us. its a bit of an unsettling, but necessary, thought.
god, glasvegas is so sad.
but today was good i’m so glad i have really good friends that i love to spend endless time with. its the best feeling in the world — its way more then a magazine layout could ever hope to portray. i just hope i don’t see one of the closest ones slip away.