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present and correct — a new obsession.
February 14, 2009, 10:20 am
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all this stuff looks amazing, right?! present and correct are the best stationary site i’ve seen in awhile.
ever since i was small, i have always been obsessed with stationary, notebooks, pens and organizers. though it has switched to different kinds over the years [from composition books to making my own to japanese stationary] it’s always been there. it might be because i’m a writer — but i have so many journals and notebooks built up that need use.
but the second i stumbled upon this website, my mouth started watering. actual vintage book belts?! that may be a trend that i need to bring back. but for now, since i am completely broke and unwilling to ship things from the uk at the moment, i will just keep drooling and hoping i can ship some stuff soon. book belts!!!! i can’t get over it.

ps: happy valentine’s day. hope you’re spending it with someone you care about.