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sunday crafty sunday!
October 25, 2009, 9:32 pm
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this past weekend has been just what i needed! it has cost me a pretty penny, but i needed to pull the trap door loose and just escape. having four jobs that all don’t pay is frustrating, but its nice when i can take a weekend off and just relax.

the indie mart vintage event today at workshop was amazing! a lot of great people came through and it was so positive. the heat was killer, but it was so beautiful out — the perfect kind of day that we needed. kelly taught me how to sew [!!!] and i made flannel and jean beer cozies. she’s going to take in all my old band shirts that i want to save and she’s going to hem my sookie shorts for my costume! i also met a lot of amazing people, finally got in the photo booth and hung out with old friends. i’m so happy to be a part of workshop — it really makes your day to be doing great stuff for amazing people.

last night was awesome — i finally hung out with my friend amanda and we had a blast. i needed some cheap clothes that were going to last me a couple of months, and i didn’t really feel like thrifting, so we hit up forever 21. i got the cutest plaid dress that fits me perfectly! i had so much rich food this weekend that it was a little tight when i changed into my house clothes tonight, but who cares! we also went by the rickshaw stop and watched her friends band, diego’s umbrella. it was good and interesting. i never really go to clubs, so its always funny to see the kinds of crowds that show up.

i’m off to copy-edit and start jotting down ideas for workshop, and the paper. hope all of you had a stellar weekend!


ps: i had an awesome feature post over at this past weekend…check it out and leave me some love!

design dance with st├ęphane massa-bidal, aka retrofuturs!
June 14, 2009, 10:05 am
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i decided that since i’m so obsessed with design, photography and art, i need to start highlighting some of my favorite artists, as well as some new ones that i discover in my blogroll.

as most of you know, i waste a lot of time on ffffound. [if you don’t know what ffffound is, i suggest you get with the program by smoking a joint and getting on this website. trust me, you’ll thank me.]
a few months ago, i stumbled across a grip of these posters that i thought were amazing. like anything else, i did some clicking around and found out that all of them were the collective work of one dude, st├ęphane massa-bidal, and his company, retrofuturs.
he aims to “mix the past, the present, the future and shake it!” with his work, and i’m completely in love with his prints. when he starts selling them, i just might throw my hands up in the hair because i won’t be sure which one to buy.
also, if you speak french, he writes in both languages on everything. to see his works in full, check out his flickr page.
support great design!

…and, i’m back.
February 8, 2009, 11:54 am
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so after taking a day for myself to go around and run errands, walk around in the sun, smoke a little to relax and going out with a pretty good friend for dinner, i feel immeasurably better. i ate good food and soaked up some carefree-ness that i obviously needed.
since its kind of a crappy day out and the only thing i’m going to be doing today is taking carlos out to lunch [sorry dude, i was just way too tired!], i’m going to spend the day doing homework, drinking coffee, watching movies and

what a beaut!

what a beaut!

relaxing. i just bought funny face and breakfast at tiffany’s, and i’m also considering pineapple express. then again, there is always netflix. [watch helvetica, the documentary. though slightly boring, it will be super interesting if you’re into design even in the least.]
so on thursday night, i went to this amazing indian place in the tenderloin with daniella and jack. it was byob and a lot of fun, but guess what i found on the street? A TYPEWRITER! and not just any typewriter, but a working, italian typewriter from the ’50’s with working ribbon still in it! i’ve been playing with it on and off all weekend and on friday night, i made valentines on it. its a dream. i’ve always wanted one and it was like a sign when i found it. plus, when i googled it, it was known to be the journalist’s typewriter of choice back in the day, so maybe i’m right? :]
last night, i went to the elbo room and [FINALLY!] weird fish with daniella. weird fish is surprisingly super amazing. we got way too much food, but a chance to try everything. both of their soups [spicy tortilla soup and clam chowder] were really good, but i liked the spicy tortilla soup slightly better. the yo-yo’s, which are fried dill pickles served with two different sauces, WERE SO GOOD. seriously, i know you’re thinking, “what the hell?” but they were awesome. and lastly, the fish and chips were to die for. slaw, salty french fries and sweet potato fries as a basket base? call how the newsroom looks all the a fat kid, but i’m sold. and the tilapia and cod were both delicious and flaky. sorry i didn’t take pictures — we were having a pretty serious conversation and the place was cute but no bigger than the size of a cardboard box. check out weird fish! its surprisingly affordable and really delish. i’m still looking to go to msf in the coming weeks.
the other thing that bummed me out was i found a pair of leather ferragamo flats at a thrift store for $14 [i’m pretty sure the girl upcharged me from the original price, but ev.] and they’re like a 1/2 size too big! i want to cry, i loved them a lot. they even had a bow on the toes with a gold ferragamo piece between them. :[ if anything, i might try and sell them on ebay or to someone i know for the same price. i am determined to find a pair and will keep looking on ebay to find one that fits. i also need to repair this amazing vintage dress i picked up last month…there is always so much to do!
expect more frequent updates…since i will be in the newsroom a lot and because of circumstances i will have a bit more time on my hands, i will work to give you guys some more content.
have a lazy sunday.

ps: also, if joaquin phoenix got off the smack and realized he’s a great music video director, maybe he wouldn’t be renouncing his acting career, trying to rap or showing up at san francisco planning commission meetings.

this is my favorite by them. favorite favorite favorite. its as if shoegaze and the smashing pumpkins fucked non-stop for a week and had octuplets. its that good. i can’t wait for the new album, or when they come back to town again. [long story short, carlos’ boss is the aunt of the keyboardist which means FREE TIX.]
but on a side note, who watches music videos anymore anyway?

three clicks.
January 18, 2009, 11:46 am
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  • secret tweet — its kind of like postsecret, but more digital, instantaneous and funny.
  • solo necklace from a-morir — this totally reminds me of my friend emma. i think she needs it. and then i think she needs to let me borrow it.
  • silhouette masterpiece theatre — its like married to the sea, only you get all of them and they’re way hilarious.

hanging out with holly and kayla’s 22nd birthday.
January 18, 2009, 11:25 am
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yesterday was a bit of madness, which i really do like on days where you do nothing but wait for the night, just like yesterday.
i was bumming around the house, debating on going to the gym and finishing up some last minute touches on kayla’s birthday present when i saw my lovely friend, holly, calling. since i don’t get to hang out with holly often because she is so busy [read: artist trying to make it, three different jobs, boyfriend, friends up the yin yang and more projects you can shake a stick at], so when the moment presents itself its almost near impossible to turn down. after hastily getting ready, i ran out the door with kayla’s present and went to meet her.

cappuccino and latte

cappuccino and latte

the mission was perfect on a day like yesterday, so i’m hoping my holga shots actually came out. we had lunch at ti couz — they have such good crepes! i had the pleasure of having the ratatouille and it was to die for. since mistral in the ferry building closed, i have been craving it nonsensically for the past month, so it filled the void. if you have never had ratatouille, let me know. you are truly missing out and we might be able to make it from an awesome recipe i have!
we headed to clothes contact after catching up and, though i shouldn’t have, i got this awesome black victorian/sexy secretary/slightly gothy dress that is super super amazing. i’m losing more and more weight and it was a little big on me, but nothing a waist belt can’t fix. i’m in love with it — its one of those things that i want to wear all the time, no matter how inappropriate. i also got two lovely scarves. pictures soon to come!
after that, we headed to four barrel coffee, which was so wonderful. i had walked by a few times before on my way to little star, but had never been in. the space is super well designed and filled with ridiculously expensive espresso machinery. but its so rustic — think lots of imperfect, but finished wood, taxidermy, chandeliers and crazy period-referencing wallpaper. they have their own roasting machine in the back, which was quite epic to watch. the tables were perfect and tiny, like little school desks. the coffee was also amazing — not too much bite, but strong and full of great aromatic tones. the only thing i don’t like is they only offer whole milk and soy — something i’m going to have to either make room in my diet for [whole] or get used to [soy — yuck.]
after dropping by miette and getting kayla an amazing last minute gift [with a great wrap job by holly], i headed to north beach to meet the gang at rogue ale.
now, don’t get me wrong, my best friend has impeccable taste, but i don’t get the lure of rogue. sure they have good beers, but you can buy them in the store. their food didn’t look that great — i had one french fry so i
birthday girl.

birthday girl.

couldn’t really judge, but for what people paid for it did not look up-to-par. the waitress was super nice and she gave pretty good service to a big group of people, but the ambiance was horrible. as i said, the chairs were those horrible foldups with cushion that you find at PTA meetings. when they’re charging $6 a beer, nicer chairs and a bit better atmosphere would probably have been better.
i gave her the loot, which she was pretty jazzed over. i was surprised, since i didn’t think the journal was really my best work and i thought it was a little cheesy, but she had everyone sign it and she liked it a whole lot. the winner of the night though was the chocolate mustache on a stick, which everyone had a ride on….multiple times. towards the end of the night, people were on the verge of dirty sanchez’es due to the amount of heat and upper lip coming into contact with the tiny piece of cellophane wrapped around it. the mustache voices that accompanied said rides were even better.
we headed to specs after that, which was still expensive [FOUR DOLLARS FOR A BUD, SERIOUSLY?], but super fun. being drunk in that place must be a trip cause there is so much to look at. i had a few more drinks and wished the birthday troupe goodbye, as i was out of monies and getting really tired at this point from walking to the mission, to hayes valley, through downtown and up into north beach. i’m getting really good at walking the city on foot. its so much more fun than muni, too.

January 11, 2009, 3:34 am
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new hair!sorry i haven’t posted in a few days, guys! the weather by chance has been beautiful so i’ve been trying to use it to my advantage and catch up with as many people as possible. but there is a lot going on at the moment, so there is definitely a lot to talk about.
for starters, i got my haircut! i was totally in love with it at first, but after the first day i knew there was something off about it. after talking with my roommate/friend alexis tonight, i came to the conclusion that it was the long sides that were taking from it and that it seemed to distract from the nice shape of the haircut. so, being my optimistic and practical self, i took matters into my own hands to trim them off. i wasn’t very happy the results and nearly cried at what happened when i did it, but i can’t do anything about it now! i’ve learned to be a lot more loose about my hair, since i’ve realized it does grow back. i’m sure it will look fine in a couple of weeks when it starts to grow in but i’m basically not looking in a mirror until then cause i believe i’ve messed it up so badly. the whole idea was to have the front longer and to have the back essentially disconnected from it so drastically that the lengths would be different. its fine, i only paid $20 for the cut [paul mitchell school, you rule!] so i can’t be too upset that i fucked it up, but still. i’m also still thinking of going pomegranate red for the time being. i’m going to sit on it another week and if i decide its totally necessary, i’m getting it done.
outfit of the day -- de young! [jan 7th, 2009]the other exciting thing i did this week was go to the de young. my brother got me an awesome membership for my birthday [thanks, bro!], which lets me visit the de young or the legion of honor whenever i’d like, and i can bring a plus one for free. sweet, right? so doug and i had date day this past wednesday and checked out the museum. the thing that impresses me so much about the de young is their huge permanent collection. i can never seem to get through it and i always seem to find a new room or something that wasn’t there before. the yves saint laurent exhibit going on right now is really remarkable. i was impressed that they were able to get all of the looks and outfits they had on display, and the way it was outlined really gave insight to his work and his legacy. although many people were wandering around like it was strange, what most people don’t realize is that fashion is art. i went into the full reasoning with doug about this and how fashion lines, seasons, concepts and actual products all play a part and how it constitutes a point of view. he seemed to somewhat understand me, but i think he’s still a little confused. the asian-american modern art exhibit was quite interesting, but most of the art was not for my taste. as for the maya lin installation, i was yawning the whole way through. it was nothing extraordinary to make me leap out of my tights or anything. the entire concept and point of view was interesting but i just couldn’t connect the dots on the execution. regardless, there is a lot of visual fun going on at the de young right now, so catch the installations while you can!
golden gate park!then friday was a pretty much lazy day. i ended up heading to the east bay in the afternoon and basically not moving from hannah’s love seat. alex, deb, doug, owen, hannah and i all just took a massive chill pill. we ate delicious food [including an incredible vegetable smorgasbord of a pizza, made from scratch!] and watched mass amounts of blue planet, michel gondry and busta rhymes videos. good times and too many “that’s what she said’s” were definitely had. it makes me miss all of them a bunch — i always try to treasure the time i have with them, since its few and far between. i still wish i would have gone bar hopping with them — i’ve become quite the good girl in the past couple months, if that’s easy to believe.
i’m still puzzled as to why i’m so awake this late — i had a weird day with a lot of thinking about things so it might just be them processing out. i think it also has to do with all of the things that have suddenly fallen on my plate — being editor, taking on new responsibilities for stuart, trying to read, go to the gym and otherwise be a good person for the new year. i’m just not so used to crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s — i have a feeling the next six months are going to be pretty interesting.
hopefully i can get up at a decent hour tomorrow and get everything i need to accomplish done and squared away. i’m scared but i think i’d be freaked out if i wasn’t!