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the reduction: june 8th-14th
June 16, 2009, 4:36 pm
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so i’ve decided this summer i’m going to try to take AT LEAST one picture every day. though it hasn’t been coming along too well — always too drunk, stoned, both or busy — i’m trying. i think having to post them on here once a week is going to be a motivating factor, so i’m trying it out.
here were some moments from the last week.

the homies. literally. meet my two roommates, daniella and tom! we were on our way to the mission for some random shit…i think i went to play with emma’s new kitty, stella. anyway, this is us chillin on the 5. pretty typical.

light up my life. so my new thing is japanese lanterns. but not just any japanese lanterns. dollar store japanese lanterns. they’re probably the most awesomely tacky thing i’ve ever been obsessed with design-wise, but i love them hanging from my ceiling. these were some that i picked up from daiso awhile ago. i hung them off the ones that were already on my ceiling, but i think they need little strings of their own.

retro funk. a shot of my new bedspread. it screams seventies swinger wife and i love it.

bullseye. hung out with scott aka snow and erika aka rika for awhile last week. i got friendly with her new smokealicious friend, bruce, and then we headed down to deuces for some darts. i’ve never actually drank at a townie bar before, but it was kind of fun and hilarious. also, i’m really bad at darts.

circus freak. headed to chillin’s night of art this past weekend. i just kept thinking the indie mart does it better, despite the fact that its been going on for 11 years. it was pretty claustrophobic and awful, and the crowd was strange for sure. but i managed to get this really cool art print out of it for only ten bones! its on my accumulating wall.

summer of love! me heading out to the haight street fair this past sunday. i’m digging my glowy hippie look.

leopold and his fiction…have an awesome and hot drummer. i really want to go see them live in the city sometime.

i’m off to flyer for the indie mart and get into some trouble. have a great night!

much needed update: new job, camera obscura, new place, summer of love 2009 and major changes.
June 9, 2009, 10:48 am
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i've negelected you, pretty things. don't cry -- i'm back and better than ever!

i've negelected you, pretty things. don't cry -- i'm back and better than ever!

hey everyone! i’m pretty sure i’m back. considering that i spend a lot more time at home now [because my roommates are AMAZING!] and the fact that i haven’t got jack shit to do until september, you’ll be hearing from me again.
first of all, my new place is awesome. huge, cozy and beautiful, i’m working on turning my room into a little bungalow. i just got my desk this past weekend, and everything is falling into place. although i may only be here for a year, i want it to feel like my place. my roommates, tom and daniella, are hilarious. i’ve forgotten how nice it is to have friends for roommates and to be able to come home for a long day and just get blitzed.
second, i’m managing editor of the paper next semester! i ended this run of the paper with a bang and i’m ready to work my magic on publication next semester. i’m probably going to be stressed, but i can’t deny what i’m good at, no matter how insane it makes me.
and my new job! i basically sit on my ass and listen to music all day and its amazing. i’m working four days a week, which is going to be the perfect amount for being able to
summer is getting off the ground finally. i have been waiting for it to hurry the fuck up forEVER because of some things that happened in the beginning, but it seems to finally have caught up with my spirit. i’m hanging out with tons of people this week and its already improving my mood.
last night, i went to see camera obscura at the fillmore and it was AMAZING. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. i’m pretty sure we caught most of the set, but we ran in mid-song, so i’m hoping that we caught everything. that girl is fucking adorable. i really want to hang out with her and write songs and drink tea and stay up really late joking about boys. yeah, that kind of adorable.
i was a little drunk, but this is what i can remember of the setlist:

“away with murder”
“my maudlin career”
“french navy”
“lloyd i’m ready to be heartbroken”
“lets get out of this country”
“eighties fan”
“books written for girls”
“i don’t want to see you”

there may be a few that i’ve forgotten, but that was the gist of it, which was great. all the songs i wanted to hear, especially “eighties fan”, are all on there. i just tried to upload some of their tunes for you, but mediafire is being a cuntbag right now. i wish i would have bought a t-shirt or something to wear with my skirt and heels, but you know how the fillmore is when you’re trying to get out — its like trying to fit a fat girl in a smart car.
yesterday was also choice, since i got to go to the uptown AND weird fish, all in the same night. their vegan smorgeshborg of deliciousness is still keeping my belly full the next day. also, my company was extremely enjoyable — i hope i get to go out with him again.
until next time, catch up with me at stu’s site. i’ve written some pretty hilarious shit since we last spoke, and i think it deserves a read. :]

its a new day.
January 20, 2009, 10:23 am
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the inaguration was so amazing, way more than i had expected. his speech was ridiculously moving and made me proud that we finally have a president that can speak properly, and beautifully, no less. seeing w. go into the marine one one his way to texas and out of our lives was one of the most relieving feelings i’ve had in so long. we finally have someone new in charge, and hopefully, the outcome will be way more then what we have come to know.

three clicks — inaguration special:

and now in the name of obama, i’m going to see great friends today, eat great food today and finally be proud to be an american.