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five favorite blogs.
October 27, 2009, 9:02 pm
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I want to start doing installations of blogs I love. One of the things I never get enough of is my Google Reader, and I love catching new blogs. Week to week, I may feature a theme or a topic that all of the blogs may encompass, but for the first installation, I’m just going to do a good mix of new everyday reads and old favorites that I’m a die-hard fan of. Check em out!

from "10 things I adore" VIA bleubird vintage!

    Bleubird Vintage:
    I managed to stumble across this the other day by accident, and what a surprise! Though there isn’t much to read here, the thoughts and pictures are wonderful. It IS photo heavy, so if you’re on a slow internet connection, this isn’t the best website to be looking at. You can follow them on twitter: @bleubirdvintage

    Not Cot:
    Though it has multiple components, including sister blog Not Couture, Not Cot still manages to deliver some of the hottest items of news in the design world. Though it is post heavy during the day [somewhere between 20-30 a day], their site interaction makes it easy to navigate and catch up. Whether its the new Shepard Fairey installation or a cool, random, independent online game, Not Cot usually blogs about it first. You can follow them on twitter: @notcot
    California Beat:
    This is a more news-driven site, something that I don’t think I read enough of. This is a great example of a community news blog that does an amazing job of getting transit and regional news out to a large number of people. I really like the way that the reporting is done, and their alerts on twitter are usually some of the first I see. If anything, I would recommend keeping it bookmarked just to check for updates on major news stories that other outlets might fail to discover. You can follow them on twitter: @californiabeat

sadly discontinued vegan burger from mission burger VIA vegansaurus

What are some of your favorite blogs? What would you like featured on the site? Let me know in the comments.
I think its time for a little bit more brainstorming and some Mad Men before bed. Maybe Don will inspire some genius in me. Goodnight!


we are strong.
June 17, 2009, 4:16 pm
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updating from the doctors office…this is definitely a first! i just wanted to see how this wordpress application for the ipod really worked. it’s super user-friendly — i kind of love it.
i’m waiting for my tutn in a long line of ladies in this waiting room…it’s so nervewracking i can barely stand it.
yesterday, for the most part, was a gigantic overwhelming mess. i basically realized the rest of the summer is going to be spent working on shit for [x]press or stuart. a little disheartening, but i think if i manage my time properly, it will all be okay. i’m just really sick of micromanaging my life to a point like this. i just have a tedency to be owned by my schedule and not by owning it.
i’m also not drinking again until i lose 20 more lbs. it’ll be difficult, but i’ve gotten this far, and i really don’t want to fuck it up.
i think i’m in need of a makeup shopping spree and some fashion magazines…if i could just get out of this waiting room! xoxo.

as if music can’t get anymore amazing.
June 10, 2009, 6:40 am
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i love when you suddenly realize that a song you love is actually part of your life, especially when its one you didn’t write. the heart-filling feeling it gives you is unlike any other. its this manic charge that makes you realize music can truly be universal, despite the fact that it is so deeply personal.

...but i'm trying.

...but i'm trying.

“french navy”
camera obscura

spent a week in a dusty library
waiting for some words to jump at me
we met by a trick of fate
french navy, my sailor mate
we met by the moon on a silvery lake
you came my way
said, I want you to stay

you, with your dietary restriction
said you loved me with a lot of conviction
i was waiting to be struck by lightning
waiting for somebody exciting
like you
oh, the thing that you do
you make me go, ooooo
with the things that you do (you do, you do)

i wanted to control it
but love, i couldn’t hold it
i wanted to control it
but love, i couldn’t hold it

i’ll be criticized for lending out my art
i was criticized for letting you break my heart
why would i stand for disappointed looks
fully grown but i’m all on tender hooks

oooo, with the looks
on tender hooks,
oooo, with the looks, the looks, the looks

i wanted to control it
but love, i couldn’t hold it
i wanted to control it
but love, i couldn’t hold it

relationships were something i used to do
convince me they are better for me and you
we met by a trick of fate
french navy, my sailor

i wanted to control it
but love, i couldn’t hold it
i wanted to control it
but love, i couldn’t hold it

i’ll be excited when i start helping ian with his magazine…i’ll get to be able to write about music again.
in the meantime, i can’t stop thinking about how nice monday night was and how much i’m going to miss you. i hope i get to do it again.

i hate to admit it, but its true.

i hate to admit it, but its true.

post-issue 3.
February 11, 2009, 9:58 pm
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i went to battle and came back with an awesome page. i’m really stoked for this week’s issue and i’m hoping everyone else is, too. its amazing what kind of possibilities can happen when you get your work done ahead of time.
i was just trying to type out how i felt about things on my typewriter but i kept messing up. i’m still getting used to all the buttons and things that are very new to me. which it strange. cause its old.
regardless, i really want to start filling all my journals. i own and have so many for everything but they’re never full. always a quarter, or half. i even have some that are three-quarters full and that’s even more maddening.
i have about $160 in my bank account for the rest of the month. that should be fun.
i also think that the [x]press disease bag [aka the newsroom] totally exploded on me and i might be getting sick. i’m hoping to fight it off so i can go to some awesome bars on saturday.
i did my laundry for the first time yesterday at my laundromat and it felt strange, but really really good.
i’ve been in a bad sushi mood lately. [bad sushi = americanized sushi.]
more coherent and happy thoughts later. cause i love my life right now.

January 28, 2009, 12:27 am
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the past week has been nuts. fun, but nuts.
expect a more detailed update tomorrow. but for the moment, i think cleaning my room and sleep are an order.
i hope everyone is starting out with a great week — i have a feeling its going to be a good one.

January 21, 2009, 10:56 pm
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today has been one of the most stressful days i’ve had in awhile, and definitely the most stressful over break. from the second i woke up this morning, there was an inkling that i was going to pay for something. [god knows what, i keep track of my karma as much as possible, but i never know what i did wrong when days like this pop up.]
i promised myself that this wouldn’t be a place for ranting and raving about my life, but today was exceptional. i think i almost had a nervous breakdown. i really managed to nearly drive myself insane. i honestly should have given up halfway through and then maybe, just maybe, i would have been alright. the paper is such a huge weight right now [no pun intended] — i’ve had to take off the rest of the night, even though my brother is flying in to the city tomorrow night [yay!]. i should be doing work but all i can think about right now is this grinding, persistent headache i’ve had all day.
i just hope that aaron coming tomorrow night will take some of the edge off and keep me playing tour guide instead of editor. i just need to take a breath of fresh air tonight before i hit the sack and hopefully, just maybe, i can get enough inspiration in me to confront everything in the morning.

January 7, 2009, 10:24 am
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the front of the journal.

the front of the journal.

the back.

the back of the journal.

my best friend’s birthday is coming up and i wasn’t sure what to get her, so i thought i would take a tip from the high school days and make her a journal. since i had so much time on my hands back then, i used to churn out these composition books faster then you can say “wow.” they aren’t the best in the world, but its nice to put something together to show people that you were thinking of them. i’m not totally artistic or anything but i like showing people that i care.
but also, can we talk about the outrage at the PRICE of a composition book though? i remember they used to be under a dollar when i would do these back in high school, which was about 5-6 years ago. i couldn’t find one in SF less than $3! i understand that because we don’t have target or slave mart [which, more power to us, i think] we can’t get the cheapest price sometimes but i just think that’s insanely outrageous.
this journal also marks my move toward trying to be more creative with my time. i used to spend all these hours of the day taking pictures, making journals, writing, drawing, collaging, sewing in journals and i just don’t do it anymore. considering my abundance of time until school starts [well, maybe less so now that i have a meeting with stuart tomorrow and the paper goes into production early next week…], i want to try and get into the swing of creating more things. and in the midst of this last night, i came up with a slogan:
“more art, less angst.”
its a little impossible to try and live with one and not the other, but i think i’m going to spend less time complaining and more time with my hands.
once doug gets up, we’re off to the ysl exhibit at the de young that i have been dying to see forever. and now its free, thanks to my awesome brother who got me a membership for my birthday! and even better is the fact that he’s coming to see me in a couple weeks! :]